Telematics Wire is an initiative of Aeyzed Media Services Pvt Ltd. At Telematics Wire, we are into documentation, resource/news portal, daily news letter and fortnightly e-magazine on the usage of automotive telematics. Telematics Wire organizes conferences and exhibitions on automotive telematics and its usage in supply chain management, logistics, fleet management and transportation for manufacturing companies.

Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA)

TAPA is global not for profit association formed by manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, asset security and related business partners from high technology and high value companies and professionals who have come together for the purpose of addressing the needs of laying down related international standards and emerging security threats that are common to the high value industry supply chain.

Telematics Wire also represents Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) as their India Service Centre.

Past Conference:

Tracking and Navigation 2012, New Delhi 
Telematics India 2012

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