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Cohda Wireless releases a vehicle positioning system to eliminate GPS blackspots

Cohda Wireless has released a vehicle positioning system to eliminate GPS blackspots that exist in “Urban Canyons” between high-rise buildings.

V2X-Locate, can identify vehicle position to sub-metre accuracy in environments that degrade GPS accuracy, such as tunnels, underground carparks and between high-rise buildings.

 As well as enhancing current connected vehicles, V2X-Locate delivers a critical component for Connected Autonomous Vehicles, which will require uninterrupted positioning data to safely navigate on roads.

Drawing on its experience in developing collision avoidance systems for underground mines, Cohda has designed V2X-Locate to enable equipped vehicles to identify their location using existing Smart City V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) roadside infrastructure from any standards-based manufacturer.

The company had demonstrated the efficacy and accuracy of its V2X-Locate system in a 2017 trial in New York City where it repeatedly demonstrated sub-metre accuracy while driving along Sixth Avenue, which has the tallest buildings in the Big Apple.

Comparably tested GPS-based systems were as much as tens of metres off-course, at times showing cars driving through buildings. Both Cohda’s standard V2X Onboard Units and Roadside Units utilise the NXP RoadLINK chipset

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