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Chevrolet to offer unlimited 4G data through its in-car WiFi hotspot

Chevrolet has become the first automaker to offer a new unlimited version of its OnStar hotspot data plan through AT&T.

Chevy owners can get unlimited data through the car’s WiFi hotspot for just $20 a month. The in-car data connection can be shared by up to 10 WiFi devices.


It is being expected that the car’s hotspot will be treated like any other AT&T device on an unlimited plan and be capped at 22 GB of high-speed data.

The company has justified its move claiming that usage has increased 200 percent from the previous year with over 4 million GB of data moving through its hotspots. It further says that the second half of 2016 saw just as much data used as in the previous 24 months combined.

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