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Chery automobiles at WMC 2018 exhibited its future vehicles

Chery automobiles at World Manufacturing Convention 2018 themed on “intelligent life combining people, vehicles, and roads”, exhibited its third-generation vehicles, the fourth-generation extended-range fuel battery vehicles, LION intelligent cabin and flagship SUV TIGGO8 equipped with Chery LION.

At the convention, the company installed a driver-less driving experience zone, where visitors could experience driver-less driving in a dynamic way. The generation-three intelligent vehicles are those of Chery that have independent IPR, which mainly realize mobile control, automatic parking, automatic lane change, automatic obstacle avoiding, traffic light passing and autonomous cruise.

The vehicle uses AI technology, a technology of fusing multiple targets and sensors, intelligent human-computer interaction, high-precision positioning and other technologies. By combining V2X technology with single-vehicle intelligence, it is the regional & automatic travel means that has the greatest potential for batch production. By 2020, the generation-3 intelligent vehicles of Chery will be launched.

The company also showcased LION Intelligent Cabin, Chery LION and other black technologies.

LION intelligent cabin looks like the future aircraft, representing the thinking and exploration of Chery automobiles for intelligent networking and intelligent furniture life, and creating the networked mobile life space for users. Chery LION is the intelligent strategic framework released by Chery in April. TIGGO8 is the first core product that implements the strategy of Chery LION.

The LION Cloud system equipped on TIGGO8 can recognize 32 dialects, support self-defined audio waking and directives, and can directly control AC, sunroof and tail gate, etc. The users, through mobile control, can realize remote vehicle start, matrix electric fences, diagnosis and authorization, and can support fingerprint recognition/human face recognition and certification for the first time.

In addition to LION Cloud, the intelligent strategic framework of Chery LION also includes LION Driving, LION Manufacturing, LION Win and LION Travel. The core of LION Manufacturing is intelligent manufacturing. In the future, it will deem users’ demands as the center of manufacturing, keep upgrading, reforming and improving the entire system of intelligent manufacturing, and upgrading production efficiency and quality.

In addition to the intelligent products, Chery also exhibited another model of new energy, the generation-four extended-range fuel battery vehicle, this model, based on the technical accumulation of Chery’s three generations of fuel battery vehicles in the past, is equipped with the leading 30KW metal double-pole fuel battery pile and two 35MPa hydrogen tank storing 3.58KG of hydrogen. In NEDC working conditions, the driving range reaches 540KM with constant-speed range reaching 700KM.

Chery is one of China’s first automobile manufacturers that have received the licence for new-energy vehicles. For years, it has gradually established the new-energy R&D system with capacity in vehicle integration, and development of core technologies and core parts and components. It is expected that by 2020, Chery will electrify all its models.

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