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Chariot launches its first European commuter shuttle service in London

Chariot, a mobility startup backed by Ford, has launched its first European commuter shuttle service in London. The firm is launching 14 minibusses that will operate on four routes and will be using London’s bus lanes. Ride-share service can be booked be through an app designed for first- and last-mile commuting.

The company has already got presence in multiple markets in the United States namely San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Columbus, and Austin. London is the sixth city to be served by Chariot. The ride-sharing service is increasingly gaining popularity as it has the potential to be a part of measures aimed at tackling both congestion and air quality issues, and to address gaps in the transport system and completing commuter options.

Chariot enables passengers to complete the first and last mile of their journey faster and more comfortably by connecting them with nearby transit hubs and underground stations.

Four London routes, informed by a detailed analysis of urban areas, are designed to connect commuters living in densely populated areas to existing transport networks. The routes will help fill transportation gaps between several rapidly growing neighborhoods and six London transport hubs.

Chariot is accessed via a smartphone app that enables users to search for a nearby route and the closest available transport hub address. The app – offering dedicated customer support – will then locate the nearest convenient pickup point. Passengers can book a seat and track in real time the progress of shuttles that run Monday to Friday, during the rush hour.


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