Cepton Technologies to its MMT LiDAR Technology to Koito Manufacturing

Cepton Technologies will provide Koito Manufacturing its MMTTM LiDAR Technology, the company announced recently.

Cepton Technologies is a 3D sensing solutions provider shipping next-generation LiDAR products for the automotive, industrial and mapping markets.  The Koito Group is a tier-one supplier of exterior automotive lighting.

Koito is interested in the potential of the miniaturized LiDAR solution developed by Cepton, and with the customized LiDAR shipment, Koito is pursuing verification of its functionality, performance and reliability.

Cepton LiDAR sensors has compact design and enables direct integration into a vehicle’s lighting system to take advantage of the latest autonomous driving technology without impacting its sleek design.

With its innovative Micro-Motion Technology (MMTTM) platform, it enables vehicles to recognize and track objects from all four corners for a true 3D image of its surrounding environment.

MMT LiDAR technology is free of mechanical rotation and frictional wear, producing high-resolution imaging of a vehicle’s surroundings to detect objects at a distance of up to 300 meters away.

Cepton is also working on developing its low-power and high-resolution LiDAR technology for integration into automotive lighting systems.

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