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CalAmp partners with Autobrain, integrates its plug-and-play OBD devices and telematics systems into Autobrain’s platform


CalAmp has integrated its plug-and-play OBD devices and telematics systems into Autobrain’s platform. Consumers can purchase CalAmp-supported Autobrain devices now. CalAmp is a pioneer in the connected vehicle and broader IoT marketplace.  The company’s extensive portfolio of intelligent communications devices, robust and scalable telematics cloud services, and targeted software applications …

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ublox announces the TOBY-L4 series of Automotive Grade telematics modules


u?blox has announced the TOBY-L4 series of Automotive Grade telematics modules. These are some of the features: The series integrates LTE, UMTS and GSM connectivity with an embedded processor, enabling a wide range of applications on a single device. It has full gateway capabilities in a single device capable of …

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TripVision fault guidance service, now available on the Geotab Marketplace


Published: 08 November 2016 Noregon, the vehicle data experts announced the availability of TripVision on the Geotab Marketplace, a go-to source for top organizations requiring GPS fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions. TripVision, a trusted fault guidance service, provides customers with real-time vehicle health monitoring for all heavy-duty makes and models. …

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Automatic Lite, an affordable OBD-II dongle

Automatic Lite

Published: 21 October 2016 Automatic announced a new Bluetooth connected car adapter, the Automatic Lite, the low-cost adapter for anyone who wants to save time and money on their car. This follows the success of the unlimited 3G Automatic Pro launch earlier this summer. Like Automatic Pro, Automatic Lite is …

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WABCO releases remote diagnostics solution


Published: 14 September 2016 WABCO has released its remote diagnostics pilot for commercial vehicle fleets at Automechanika Frankfurt 2016. Remote diagnostics monitors the technical performance of medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles on the road. The system enables fleet operators to detect onboard system failure modes early and optimize vehicle maintenance …

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Teletrac Navman expands its fleet management platform with DIRECTOR


Published: July 20, 2016 | Glenview, Chicago Teletrac Navman has launched its software platform, Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR, which is now available worldwide. The platform tracks assets and collects valuable data to meet a range of business needs and to drive productivity for customers. Renaat Ver Eecke, President, Teletrac Navman, said: We’re very excited to …

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Autologic Diagnostics launches AssistMobile App, complementing its cloud based vehicle diagnostic solution


April 21, 2016 | New York, Autologic Diagnostics, announced today the launch of its AssistMobile, which complements its recently introduced Autologic Assist solution. AssistMobile is available beginning April 18, 2016. Launched in mid-2015, Autologic Assist, the first and only cloud-based, fully integrated automotive diagnostics support solution of its kind, is …

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RAC launches telematics app for driver

rac logo

Published: April 15, 2016 The RAC has launched a new smartphone app to bolster its telematics product by bringing driver behaviour data, journey history, vehicle health information and engine fault alerts together in one place to support business drivers. The app, which is free to download and available now from …

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Octo Telematics launches InPulse telematics solution for vehicle management


Published: April 15, 2016 | Munich, Germany Octo Telematics has recently launched InPulse, an integrated telematics solution for the management of off-highway vehicles, such as construction, agricultural and mining equipment. InPulse will significantly increase the data and analytics available to drivers, fleet owners, OEMs and insurance companies for off-highway vehicles, …

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Whistler’s FDSR to reduce false alarms in radar detectors


Published: February 17,2016|Bentonville Whistler group has launched a new technology called the FDSR ( Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection), which will detect the false K band alarms on radar detection system and will send a less annoying alert than the shriek audio alerts that blind spot detectors or collision detection systems let out. …

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