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Velodyne LiDAR announces breakthrough design for low-cost solid-state LiDAR sensors


Velodyne LiDAR Inc., the recognized global leader in Light, Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology, today announced a groundbreaking design for a solid-state LiDAR sensor that can deliver a subsystem cost of under $50 U.S. when sold in high-volume manufacturing scale. The technology will impact the proliferation of LiDAR sensors in …

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Visteon’s technical center to develop AI and Autonomous vehicles


Visteon Corporation has announced a new technical center in Silicon Valley which will lead the company’s development of artificial intelligence for autonomous vehicles. Visteon’s breakthrough autonomous vehicle program will apply machine learning technology for accurately detecting and classifying objects in a vehicle’s path and planning the vehicle’s movements, resulting in fully …

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Michigan allows ‘driverless cars’ on its public roads

A self-driving car by Google is displayed at the Viva Technology event in Paris, France, June 30, 2016. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

Michigan became one of the first states in the USA to formally allow autonomous cars on public roads, with no driver in the front seat. A bill has been passed which has reversed a 2013 law that required autonomous vehicles to have a backup driver aboard, Governor Rick Snyder recently, …

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NVIDIA cleared by DMV California to test its Self-driving car


The California Department of Motor Vehicles’ has updated its list of companies allowed to test their Self-driving cars on public roads, to add NVIDIA. California is among the first states to have established working regulations for testing of Self-driving car on public roads. Many companies including Google have tested their autonomous …

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Nissan introduces of IVT, a fully automated vehicle towing system


Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the introduction of Intelligent Vehicle Towing (IVT), a fully automated vehicle towing system, at its Oppama Plant. Nissan has worked on making the relationship between people, cars and society more exciting under its Intelligent Mobility vision, a framework for how cars will be driven, …

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ETRI develops a high performance processor for autonomous vehicles


Researchers from Korea’s Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) have developed a high performance processor for autonomous vehicles called Aldebaran. Increased focus by the automotive and IT industries on enhancing autonomous vehicle technology has increased the market for dedicated core processors customized for autonomous vehicles. Aldebaran is a high performance …

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Ford to start testing its self-driving cars in Europe


Ford has announced that the company will begin expanding testing of autonomous cars on European roads next year, in addition to extensive testing in the U.S. Thomas Lukaszewicz, manager, Automated Driving, said “We have already announced plans to use an autonomous vehicle for a ride-sharing service in the U.S. in …

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Delphi, Mobileye to use Intel chip for self-driving vehicle


Delphi Automotive and Mobileye will put an Intel chip at the heart of their joint effort to produce self-driving vehicles by 2019, the companies said on Tuesday. The move is a boost for the world’s largest semiconductor maker, which is also working with German luxury car maker BMW AG and …

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Autonomous vehicle pilot program in Canada


Ministry of Transportation has issued a press release that Ontario will witness launch of first autonomous vehicle (AV) pilot program in Canada. The pilot brings together a range of expertise from the research, manufacturing and technology sectors to advance innovation and capability in Ontario’s AV sector. The participants include: The …

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NHTSA and GM hash out semi-autonomous “Super Cruise” system


The US Highway Safety regulators (NHTSA) responding to GM, which had asked for the body’s opinion on its semi-autonomous “Super Cruise” system, said in a letter to GM that it was permissible for the automaker to automatically activate hazard lights if a driver fails to respond to alerts by a …

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