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To develop signals that enable self-driving vehicles to communicate with people, Ford and Virginia tech create illusion of driverless car on road


Ford Motor Company has partnered with Virginia Tech Transportation Institute to conduct a user experience study to test out a method for a self-driving vehicle to signal its intent by soliciting real-world reactions from people on public roads. As light signals for turning and braking indication are already standardized and …

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USDoT and NHTSA release new federal guidance for Automated Driving Systems ADS


The U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have released new federal guidance for Automated Driving Systems (ADS):  A Vision for Safety 2.0. NHTSA has said that autonomous drive systems have the potential to reduce the number of accidents and thus save lives as well as …

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GM creates world’s first mass-producible self driving car


Kyle Vogt, GM’s CEO of Cruise Automation has said that his team has created the world’s first mass-producible car designed to operate without a driver.  He wrote on his blog that the car isn’t just a concept design — it has airbags, crumple zones, and comfortable seats. It’s assembled in …

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Drive.ai and Lyft partner to bring autonomous ridesharing to the Bay Area


Drive.ai and Lyft are partnering to bring autonomous ridesharing to the Bay Area. This collaboration combines Drive.ai’s deep learning-based self-driving solution with Lyft’s extensive ridesharing network, furthering both companies commitment to the development of safe, intelligent autonomous vehicles. The pilot, which will deploy in the Bay Area soon, will provide valuable …

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Bill exempting self-driving cars from safety rules passed by House

Cadillac Self Driving car

In U.S., the House Energy & Commerce Committee has unanimously passed SELF DRIVE Act, according to reports. The act would put federal regulators in the driver’s seat and bar states from blocking autonomous vehicles. The proposal would speed up the deployment of self-driving cars without human controls. The House measure …

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Innoviz Technologies raises $65 million in Series B funding as its LiDAR solution moves into mass production

Innoviz One

Innoviz Technologies has raised $65 million in Series B funding as its groundbreaking LiDAR solution moves into mass production.It is known that Innoviz Technologies is one of the leading providers of LiDAR sensing solutions designed for the mass commercialization of autonomous vehicles. Strategic partners and global leaders in automated driving …

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Waymo’s autonomous software may cause disruption across the automotive value chain: Frost&Sullivan


Frost& Sullivan has released a paper “Strategic Analysis of Waymo’s Future Autonomous Disruptive Capabilities for the Automotive Industry”. According to it Waymo’s autonomous software may cause disruption across the automotive value chain from OEMs to dealerships. Some points raised by it are: Waymo could potentially help commercialize its autonomous technology …

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ANSYS and IIT Bombay partner to accelerate research and innovation


IIT Bombay and ANSYS will fund research and development to improve the safety, performance and security of autonomous vehicles, next-generation products and smart devices. With ANSYS support, IIT Bombay students will be equipped with research tools to revolutionize applications across sectors – from advanced driver assistance systems to green energy …

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Renault to unveil concept car SYMBIOZ at Frankfurt motor show

2017 - Concept-car Renault SYMBIOZ

Renault will unveil SYMBIOZ, a concept car that expresses the company’s vision of autonomous, electric and connected mobility by the year 2030. The name SYMBIOZ is derived from ‘sumbi?sis’, the Ancient Greek word for ‘living together as the concept addresses customer expectations in the future related to mobility and lifestyle, …

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