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LeasePlan is holding a hackathon to develop innovative products revolving around self-driving cars


Fleet management company LeasePlan Corporation is holding a hackathon with 30 hand-picked students from Delft University of Technology. The aim is to bring together the brightest minds in industrial engineering, technology and fleet management to develop the innovative products and services required to get self-driving car fleets on the road. …

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Uber patents a system that would prevent travel sickness

Self Driving Uber

Uber is apparently developing a system that would prevent travel sickness in cars especially self-driving cars. According to a patent application published this month, the system would make it comfortable for the passengers to multitask. The car would use data from its self-driving cars to create a “sensory stimulation system” …

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Lyft gets permit to test its driverless cars in California


Lyft, U.S. ride-hailing firm as becoming the latest company to have secured permits from California Department of Motor Vehicles to test its vehicles on the roads of the state. This is a significant achievement for the company that has got partnerships with many key companies working in this field. The …

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Connected cars or supercomputers on wheels?


The global automotive industry has been witnessing a transformation over the last decade with digital communication technologies making rapid inroads in vehicles. While it is no news that data is the new oil, automakers and others want in on the data-for-dollars boom, thanks to the emergence of increasingly capable and …

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Singapore: Autonomous buses and on-demand shuttles will serve commuters in Punggol, Tengah and the Jurong from 2022


Autonomous scheduled buses and autonomous on-demand shuttles will serve commuters in Punggol, Tengah and the Jurong Innovation District (JID) from 2022. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore will be piloting the deployment of autonomous vehicles in these districts to provide convenient first-last mile connectivity for residents, workers, and students. …

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The researchers from Apple come up with a new software that helps in spotting pedestrians and cyclists just with Lidar data


Apple has put in public a paper on autonomous vehicles for the first time. The research paper discloses how self-driving cars by using fewer sensors can better spot pedestrians and cyclists. This development is significant as the company follows a policy of “corporate secrecy” on its future products. The researchers …

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Velodyne LiDAR partners with Unmanned Solution (UMS) of South Korea


Velodyne LiDAR is partnering with Unmanned Solution (UMS) of South Korea to integrate its advanced LiDAR sensors into UMS’ expansive autonomous technology development program. UMS’ autonomous program represents a broad spectrum of activities, including on-road vehicles, agricultural equipment, robots, and autonomous systems integration, as well as the development of an …

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Uber will purchase 24,000 XC90 SUVs from Volvo to form a fleet of driverless cars


Uber will purchase 24,000 XC90 SUVs between 2019 and 2021 from Volvo to form a fleet of driverless cars. Volvo Cars has signed a framework agreement with Uber to sell tens of thousands of autonomous driving compatible base vehicles between 2019 and 2021. The base vehicles are developed on Volvo …

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Mercedes-Benz opens R&D center in Tel Aviv


Mercedes-Benz working on its strategy to internationalize and specialize its global research facilities has opened a Research & Development Center in Tel Aviv. The new R&D center in Tel Aviv will be focused on digital vehicle and mobility services, which perfectly fit the strong competence of the Israeli start-up nation. The new …

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Jaguar Land Rover tested its driverless car on the UK roads


Jaguar Land Rover tested its driverless car on the UK roads. The carmaker tested its vehicles as part of £20m UK Autodrive project which is the largest of three consortia launched to support the introduction of self-driving vehicles into the UK. Jaguar Land Rover tested a range of research technologies …

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