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Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility

After Grenoble, Toyota and Park24 to trial i-Road car-sharing services in Central Tokyo


Published: March 03, 2015 | Tokyo, Japan Toyota makes the vision of Ha:mo (Harmonious Mobility) less distant with i-Road car-sharing project. Park24 Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor Corporation will trial a car sharing service in central Tokyo using the Toyota “i-Road”, an ultra-compact three-wheeled electric vehicle. The i-Road, designed for …

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NAVX on “Monetizing the in-car content-A focus on quality and global coverage”


For a content aggregator willing to cover all automotive segments (low cost, middle range, premium), it is important to be present on all solutions. It requires however to be creative in terms of business models and relationship with car makers. Jean Cherbonnier, CEO & co-founder | NAVX NAVX is a cloud-based …

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Huawei and Orange launches wi-fi product for cars in Spain


Published: February 19, 2015 | Spain Internet access in the connected car will become a great deal more usable after Chinese telecommunications company Huawei and Orange, a French mobile network, announced a wi-fi product for cars in Spain. Huawei Technologies and Orange launched a new system called Car-Wi-Fi that allows …

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Volvo initiates cloud-based project in Scandinavia with 100 cars that share road conditions


Published: February 18, 2015 | Gothenberg, Sweden Volvo Cars, the Swedish Transport Administration and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration are working together on a project to enable cars to share information about conditions that relate to road friction (such as icy patches). The information will be shared through a cloud-based …

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TransInfo and INRIX collaborate on commercial traffic data analysis in China


Published: February 17, 2015 | Beijing, China INRIX and TransInfo signed a strategic cooperation agreement on February 11, 2015 to extend traffic information services to global carmakers as customers of the latter in China and sharing profit. The two sides will combine their respective strengths in the traffic information services …

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CityMobil2 tests driverless public transportation system in Europe


Published: February 16, 2015 | Brussels, Belgium CityMobil2 is setting up a pilot platform for automated road transport systems, which will be implemented in several urban environments across Europe. This highly ambitious but low-key project from the European Union could have implications for autonomous transportation projects worldwide. CityMobil2 is designed …

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Oxbotica to provide control system to 40 autonomous vehicle pods for the UK Autodrive program


Published: February 13, 2015 | Oxford, UK Oxbotica leverages world-leading R&D into ambitious pilot to deploy 40 self-driving pods in UK Government Driverless Car Challenge. This Oxford based start-up is helping establish the UK as the global hub for the R&D and integration of driverless vehicles and associated technologies into …

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