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Hyundai developed OS for connected car by 2020


Published: 03 November 2016 Hyundai Motor has decided to join other companies in their endeavor to develop driverless cars. It has decided to develop operating system for connected car. If things go according to the plan then its cars from 2020 would be having this software installed in them. Recently, it has …

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Connected vehicles and the Internet of Things that really matter


The Internet of Things (IoT) has come to automotive. Having started with infotainment it has evolved to fusing sensor, positioning, cellular and short-range communications within exciting new V2X architectures that will enhance the driving experience and safety and accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles. At a basic level V2X, vehicles …

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Otonomo eyes data from connected cars, raises $12 million


Published: 02 November 2016 Data is the new gold. It has become valuable and its value is only going to increase in coming times. The connected cars can be a huge source of data which can be utilised by the different companies to acquire more customers and to provide them …

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BlackBerry and Ford sign agreement for expanded use of QNX


Published: 01 November 2016 BlackBerry Limited has announced that an agreement has been signed with Ford Motor Company for expanded use of BlackBerry’s QNX and security software. The deal signifies an acceleration in BlackBerry’s pivot from hardware to software in support of the automaker’s goal of providing connected vehicles and …

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Harman and Airbiquity announce intrusion detection system for connected vehicles


Published: 31 October 2016 Harman International Industries and Airbiquity today announced the automotive grade end-to-end intrusion detection system (IDS) for connected vehicles. With the increasing dependency on software to power vehicle systems and features, cybersecurity has become a threat to connected vehicles and the introduction of new driving assistance, vehicle-to-vehicle …

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Panasonic partners with Colorado Dept of Transportation to build connected transportation program


Published: 28 October 2016 Panasonic announced that it would partner with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to build a connected transportation program in which real-time data would be shared across vehicles, infrastructure and people to improve safety and mobility on the road. A trailblazer in building connected transport and …

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GM and IBM partner to create Onstar Go, a cognitive mobility platform


Published: 27 October 2016 General Motors and IBM announced a partnership to bring the power of OnStar and IBM Watson together to create OnStar Go, the auto industry’s first cognitive mobility platform. Starting in early 2017, OnStar is expected to give millions of GM drivers the ability to connect and …

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Intel’s new processor E3900 for IoT and automotive


Published: 26 October 2016 Intel has announced the launch of a new generation of Intel Atom processor, the Intel Atom processor E3900 series, designed from the ground up to support the rapid development and the growing complexity of Internet of Things (IoT) businesses. The Intel Atom processor E3900 Series delivers …

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ITS in Australia to support V2X and assist in parking


Published: 26 October 2016 Siemens has announced the launch of Intelligent Transport System technology in Australia. The launch was synchronized with global ITS World Congress, held in Melbourne last week where Siemens, along with its demonstration partners NXP, showcased vehicle to infrastructure technology to help ease congestion and improve safety. …

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