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Connected Driver

Connected Driver

Hyundai to develop “computer chips” for autonomous cars

Published: December 09, 2015 | Seoul Hyundai Motor is considering developing its own computer chips and sensors used in autonomous driving to gain fuller control over components seen as being crucial to future development of cars. South Korea’s largest carmaker currently buys parts for autonomous driving-related technologies from affiliates and …

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Cesar Satellite to offer security services with ERA GLONASS unit


Published: December 08, 2015 | Moscow Cesar Satellite is the first provider of telematics and security services in Russia to execute a cooperation agreement with ERA-GLONASS. The agreement between Cesar Satellite, a leader of the Russian market of telematics and security services, and GLONASS, operator of “ERA-GLONASS,” a government-owned emergency …

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Autonomous driving experts represent Autoliv’s advisory board

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Published: December 09, 2015 | Israel Autoliv has strengthened its capabilities with yet another effort towards developing leading knowledge within Driver Behavior, Autonomous Driving and Real Life Safety. The new Advisory board presented today welcomes PhD Chris Urmson – Director of Google’s Autonomous Driving project, as well as PhD Natasha …

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Nankai University researchers develop “brain controlled” autonomous car


Published: December 08, 2015 | Tianjin, China China’s first mind-controlled car has been developed by researchers in the north-east port city of Tianjin. Chinese researchers have developed what they say is the country’s first car that uses nothing but brain power to drive. The research team from Nankai University, in …

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NXP completes $12B merger with Freescale to create high quality automotive products


Published: December 08, 2015 | Eindhoven NXP has completed its nearly $12 billion deal to buy Freescale, doubling the proportion of auto-related revenue to 40 percent to create the world’s top maker of automotive electronics, it said on Monday. Faltering demand in computer and phone markets, once semiconductor industry mainstays, …

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Software recalls-an essential step to maintain security in autonomous cars


Published: 3rd December 2015 With the advanced autonomous car technology making a breakthrough in the automotive market, the threat of the system being hacked and the serious security concerns associated with it also flash in the mind of the buyer. There are many car manufacturing companies that are facing this …

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Audi, Daimler and BMW get green signal to buy HERE maps


Published: December 06, 2015 | Munich Nokia completed its sale of Here to Audi AG, BMW Group and Daimler AG for €2.55 billion ($2.8 billion). The deal was originally announced in August, pending regulatory approval, at an original price of €2.8 billion, “subject to certain purchase price adjustments. The deal gives the …

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Uber cabs add smartphone-integrated SPOT app to help find the right car


Published: 4th December 2015, Seattle There have been reports from people who got into different cars believing it was their Uber  cab, following this Uber has launched an app to help people locate the correct car. The app-based ride-sharing service is testing a new technology there called SPOT, which will …

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Bosch to provide software, hardware and services to connected cars


Published: December 04, 2015 | Stuttgart The car of the future is connected. It will use up-to-the-minute information from the Internet to get vehicle occupants to their destination even more safely, efficiently and conveniently than ever before. This integration into the Internet of Things (IoT) also unlocks a host of …

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Every connected car will send 130TB of data to cloud per year in future: Actifio


Published: December 02, 2015 | Boston, MA By 2017, four out of five new cars will have an Internet connection. According to experts, the connected car of the future will send 25 Gigabytes of data to the cloud every hour, representing up to 130 Terabytes of primary data storage per …

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