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Advanced automotive processors from STMicoelectronics with built-in security to protect connected cars against cyber threats

ST Telemaco3P Processors_IMAGE

Millions of connected cars are already on the road, and industry analysts predict there will be more than 250 million by 2020. Unfortunately, all this connectivity builds a real surface of attack for hackers. Automotive groups are  addressing security measures to support growth in valuable markets for connected services such …

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Panasonic develops automotive intrusion detection and prevention systems for autonomous and connected cars


Panasonic Corporation has developed automotive intrusion detection and prevention systems as a cybersecurity countermeasure for autonomous and connected cars. The features of the new systems are as follows: Detects intrusions of attacks from the Internet at an early stage, and additionally detects intrusions to the in-vehicle network as a second …

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BlackBerry partners with Delphi to provide operating system for autonomous driving system


Delphi will be launching its fully integrated automated driving solution, Centralized Sensing Localization and Planning (CSLP) 2019. It aims at providing car manufacturers and Automated Mobility on Demand (AMoD), a turnkey automated driving solution. As Safety in high-performance computing systems is paramount, BlackBerry QNX has been roped in by Delphi …

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Argus Connectivity Protection detects and prevents exploits of BlueBorne and other vulnerabilities


Argus has designed and developed Argus Connectivity Protection to protect vehicles from cyber-attacks no matter how they penetrate the vehicle. Recently vulnerabilities, collectively named BlueBorne was discovered that can potentially be used to perform ransomware attacks on vehicles and even take complete control over them. But Argus Connectivity Protection is …

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Honeywell and Lear Corporation collaborate to provide automotive software technology and infrastructure solutions


Honeywell and Lear Corporation are collaborating to provide automotive software technology and infrastructure solutions to address threats associated with emerging connected and autonomous vehicle development. The announcement was made at the 67th Annual IAA Cars event in Frankfurt. As part of the collaboration, Honeywell’s intrusion detection technology software and security …

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Irdeto working with IBM Security to combat automotive cyberattacks


Irdeto has announced they are working with IBM Security to combat automotive cyberattacks. Irdeto is a among the leading companies in digital platform security. This collaboration aims to provide OEMs and tier-one suppliers with advanced, real-time security analytics and ECU protection. Powered by Irdeto’s ECU protection solution, Cloakware Secure Environment, …

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UK government releases guidelines regarding automotive cybersecurity


The UK government has released guidelines regarding automotive cybersecurity. The document named as ” Principles of cyber security for connected and automated vehicles” was released by the Department for Transport and Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure. The quick start guide to vehicle cyber security lists the 8 principles: …

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Automotive cyber-security specialist CanBusHack acquired by Trillium

Trillium announced its acquisition of the assets of cybersecurity consulting specialist CanBusHack. CanBusHack is one of the oldest automotive cybersecurity consulting and penetration testing company in the world and has had successful projects with major OEM and Tier1 customers around the world. Trillium’s cybersecurity solution was under prolonged attack in …

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A team of ethical hackers from Keen Security Lab successfully hacked a Tesla Model X

A team of ethical hackers from Keen Security Lab successfully hacked a Tesla Model X. Last year they had hacked a Telsa Model S too. Keen Security Lab is an arm of the Chinese internet company Tencent, which is a major stakeholder in Tesla. The team was able to open …

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GM’s self-driving car division hires two famed car hackers

GM’s self-driving car division has hired two famed car hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek. These hackers had got attention when they hacked a Jeep in 2015 and were able to stop it remotely. These hackers were hired then by Uber. Later Miller joined Didi Chuxing to head security and …

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