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FASTR adds Uber security lead as Technical Committee Chair


FASTRSM, a nonprofit research consortium dedicated to automotive cybersecurity announced that Uber’s Hudson Thrift has been appointed to chair the consortium’s Technical Steering Committee. Thrift currently leads the infrastructure security team for Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group, which most notably develops and deploys connected cars and self-driving vehicles. He is a …

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Mikko at Link Motion talks about software defined car


Mikko Hurskainen, Technologist at Link Motion, in conversation with Telematics Wire, talks about software defined car and issues related to connected cars. TW: Technology is an enabler for startups trying to find space in predominantly a T1 space. Comment. MH: That is true. There are so many disruptions happening in automotive …

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HDBaseT initiates a Cyber Security Working Group


HDBaseT Automotive is poised to become the first industry standard with built-in cyber security for in-vehicle connectivity. The cross-industry group tasked with promoting and advancing HDBaseT technology, is announcing the establishment of a Cyber Security Working Group, with the participation of Check Point, Argus and Valens. The Working Group will …

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Hyundai’s mobile app for its Blue Link connected car software made cars vulnerable to hacking


(Reuters) Software vulnerabilities in a Hyundai Motor Co app that lets a car be started remotely made the company’s vehicles susceptible to theft from high-tech thieves for three months before the company fixed the bug in March, a cyber security firm said on Tuesday. Hyundai introduced a flaw in a …

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Nexteer Automotive strengthens its steering system offerings with innovative cyber security technologies


Nexteer Automotive is strengthening its steering system offerings with innovative cyber security technologies to protect against malicious intrusions and unverified steering commands. These cyber security technologies consist of specifically designed hardware modules on the semi-conductor level, as well as a multi-layered cryptographic software structure, that identifies and authorizes information and …

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Automotive Cybersecurity: Argus Cyber Security working with Bosch


Argus Cyber Security and Bosch have announced that security vulnerabilities were found by Argus researchers in the Bosch Drivelog Connector dongle and in its authentication process with the Drivelog Connect smartphone application which enabled the researchers to take control of a car via Bluetooth. Following a responsible disclosure made by …

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Renesas launches its new software packages for the R-Car automotive computing platform


Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched its new software packages for the R-Car automotive computing platform to improve security and safety capabilities for next-generation connected cars. The software packages implement embedded optimized virtualization technology that enables embedded systems to have -in a single system- security features that protect the car from …

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SPY Car Act, aimed at automotive cybersecurity reintroduced in the US Congress


Democratic Senators Ed Markey (Mass.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) have reintroduced a bill aimed at improving cybersecurity in automobiles. The Security and Privacy in Your Car (SPY Car) Act would require the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Federal Trade Commission to develop automotive cybersecurity and privacy standards. It also necessitates …

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Baidu attacked by hackers trying to steal its driverless car technology


It has been reported by Bloomberg that Baidu Inc. has been attacked a gang of “hackers-for-hire” who tried to steal its driverless car technology. Baidu has not been able to figure out the entities that could be behind these hackers but the company has decided to bulk up its cybersecurity …

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WikiLeaks reveal CIA ‘mission’ on cars, leads to concerns over connected cars


Reuters- WikiLeaks documents showing the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency considered a “mission” against connected car technology underscores auto industry concern that the science behind the next generation of vehicles could be turned against them. Cyber security is considered key to the rollout of tomorrow’s self-driving and today’s connected cars, which …

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