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Navigating through the Telematics Ecosystem Quagmire


Author: Sirish Batchu, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. It has been exactly a year since my last interview on the Connected Vehicles in “Smart Automotive” in Sept’2015 where I had spoken about the challenges towards the mass adoption of the connected vehicles solutions and also my personal view on the subject …

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OEM connected car solutions: questions of creation and monetization


Author: Alexander Dimchenko, Managing Director, Bright Box Today the connected car is becoming a commodity. Through surveys of drivers, and competitive intelligence, auto manufacturers have realized that their market rivals have already achieved some success in this field, and consumers now require connected car solutions. And the main question for …

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Connected vehicles and the Internet of Things that really matter


The Internet of Things (IoT) has come to automotive. Having started with infotainment it has evolved to fusing sensor, positioning, cellular and short-range communications within exciting new V2X architectures that will enhance the driving experience and safety and accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles. At a basic level V2X, vehicles …

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Vehicle sourced data services for the auto industry from Here


Published: 28 September 2016 HERE has announced next generation vehicle-sourced data services for the auto industry. It outlined how its Open Location Platform intends to harness real-time data generated by the on-board sensors of connected vehicles to create a live depiction of the road environment. Drivers will be able to access this …

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NHTSA issuing guidelines for self driving vehicles


Published: 28 September 2016 Last week, U.S. Department of Transportation press release mentioned that it is issuing Federal policy for automated vehicles, laying a path for the safe testing and deployment of new auto technologies that have enormous potential for improving safety and mobility for Americans on the road. “Automated …

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Most of Lyft rides to be in autonomous cars in 5 Years


Published: 20 September 2016 In five years, majority of ride-hailing company Lyft’s rides will be in self-driving cars, the company’s co-founder and president predicted on Sunday. John Zimmer also said that personal car ownership will come to an end because autonomous rides will become a cheaper way to travel than …

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George Hotz’s talks about self-driving car kit- chffer


Published: 16 September 2016 George Hotz talks about the self driving car kit which would be available for US$999 + $24/mo by the end of this year, and can be used in limited car editions like Honda and Acura models with lane assist feature. Quite a spirited talk followed by …

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Nuro.ai launched by former Google self driving project co-founder


Published: 16 September 2016 Jiajun Zhu, who is one of the co-founders of Google’s self-driving car project and Dave Ferguson who joined Google self-driving car project and was principal computer-vision and machine-learning engineer since 2011, have launched- nuro.ai It seems self driving car start-ups are coming up faster than we …

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WABCO releases remote diagnostics solution


Published: 14 September 2016 WABCO has released its remote diagnostics pilot for commercial vehicle fleets at Automechanika Frankfurt 2016. Remote diagnostics monitors the technical performance of medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles on the road. The system enables fleet operators to detect onboard system failure modes early and optimize vehicle maintenance …

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BMW: Driving into the automotive future with ADAS

Frank Schloeder- Acting President at BMW India

Published: August 20, 2016 A futuristic technology surprises and pleases at the same time. The innovative camera and radar-based Driver Assistance offers comfort and safety enhancing functions and is designed to reduce driving stress. The prospect of autonomous, driverless cars continue to dominate the interest in the automobile industry while …

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