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Connected Cars: Fledging optimism for a collaborative transportation sector


Connected car has gained huge traction over the past couple of years, resulting in an entirely new ecosystem of players, huge investments and multi-billion dollar ventures. While it is still unclear as to where the industry will go or what hurdles it will have to overcome, the prize for innovation …

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Smartphone in Cars: “Engaging, Potent and Distracting!!!”

smartphone usage in cars change

“National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), United States has found that the increased use of portable devices like smartphones has led to an increase in crashes and fatalities.” One of the greatest features of a modern smartphone is the ability to completely replace your car GPS and infotainment system. There are …

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Linden Holliday, CEO of MyDrive explores the potential of telematics in insurance sector


Introduction to Telematics – Changing the Measurement of Risk  For decades, insurance companies have managed their driver insurance book using a “pooled risk” model. Insurers assessed driver risk using blunt proxies such as profession, gender, age, marital status and medical history. Groups of drivers who presented varying degrees of risk …

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2 million USD to be spent on Connected Vehicle certification and policies: US DOT


Connected Vehicle – Next Stage Certification Environment  While America’s transportation system continues to be one of the nation’s greatest achievements and is the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, critical improvements are needed to make surface transportation safer, smarter, and greener and ultimately enhance livability for Americans. Part of this transformation …

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Andy Gryc of CX3 Marketing shares his views on “HTML5 and Automotive Infotainment”

Andy Gryc_HTML5_Infotainment_

Status quo under fire: The current state of infotainment                There is a hell lot of things happening with in-car systems for entertainment and information. The market is so crowded with offerings, many of which are immature or not quite tangible, yet, the anticipated potential …

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Google’s Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) finally unmasks ‘Android Auto’

‘Eureka’ moment for Google: Does Apple think it can steal the show? At its Google I/O developer’s conference in San Francisco, Google  announced Android Auto that is intended to bring the Android experience to a car’s in-dash infotainment system. The much-awaited, much-rumoured and the much-talked-about trend is said to be …

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Greg Fitch of VTTI on ‘Infotainment & Driver Distraction’


   In-car Infotainment: Is it contributing to distracted driving?  It is no doubt that the in-car infotainment is finally becoming a reality. Automakers and consumer electronics are diving deep into the oceans of in-car trends. However, despite of its huge potential some critics have often correlated infotainment with that of …

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Holger G Weiss from AUPEO! on “Future trends in the automotive industry”


My next car will be a Google!  No other industry is facing such a fundamental transformation as the automotive industry. Perhaps, a change that will have a great influence on this powerful industry as the invention of the engine had. The car is becoming part of something, which has made …

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Jim Weiss of ISO on “Big Data for UBI”


UBI: Inside the insurance industry’s great Big Data Experiment Usage-based insurance (UBI) has earned its reputation as a win-win for drivers and carriers. Policyholders can benefit from higher levels of service and lower rates by improving theirdriving, while insurers can increase retention and minimize adverse selection by identifying lower-risk policyholders …

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In-car apps: Making cars smarter!


In-car apps will revolutionize the way we drive; the vehicle-centric apps will make our driving experience more personalized and help keep cars connected and current. Automakers are continously evolving the technology and future has come when our cars dashboard may become as versatile as our laptop. Many modern cars are …

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