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Usage based insurance: steering the auto insurance sector

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After investigating, exploring, discussing and getting estimations from auto-insurance industry experts, Simmi Sinha, Editorial Team Member, Telematics Wire is finally influenced about the use of technology and changing environment along with Big Data in auto-insurance industry. Many insurers have taken steps to improve the speed and convenience of their Usage Based …

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World Wide Web Consortium(W3C) on transforming the automotive experience with HTML5


“HTML5 applications are created, maintained and executed in a modular way are not inextricably tied to a monolithic stack. In addition, the dynamic nature of HTML5 allows the same apps to change their looks and HMI for different car lines and manufactures.”- Paul Boyes (OpenCar) “The in-car apps are like …

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Vehicle Tracking & Passenger Information System (VT & PIS) in APSRTC: A Case Study


“Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation is implementing VT & PIS project to address the critical issue of road congestion by adopting state-of-art technologies and value added services to encourage the usage of bus services instead of individual personal vehicles.” The origin of Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (A.P.S.R.T.C) dates …

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NVIDIA on “Future Proofing” the car with mobile processors


“To combat any malicious software potentially affecting the safety or control systems of the car, many automakers are taking a sandboxed approach, keeping the infotainment systems separate from other parts of the vehicle. Furthermore, implementing hypervisor techniques enables multiple operating systems to run simultaneously on a single system, separating them …

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Navdy launches dashboard Head-Up Display (HUD): Google Glass for your Car


“You’re not looking down at knobs and buttons and touchscreens. You’re able to keep your eyes on the road at all times. Improving safety is one of our big goals, and related to that, the distracting driving studies show the biggest issues are eyes on the road and we’re doing everything …

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Octo Telematics on the ‘willingness’ factor for Insurance Telematics


The motor insurance industry is on the brink of an intense change that will effectively manage claim costs, enhance pricing style, improve profitability, and differentiate policyholder products and services. Additionally there is an opportunity to improve the driving style and reduce accident frequency and severity. But the success of such …

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UK police seizing mobile phones at EVERY crash is a blatant RUMOUR!

Suzette Davenport_UK_Police

“At no point have I issued guidance to officers to seize mobile phones from drivers at the site of every road traffic collision.”- Suzette Davenport Since last week, there have been floods of reportings that contained the statement; EVERY driver involved in a car crash will have their hand-held mobile phone …

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iHeartradio on the future of Internet radio and automotive integration

Ryan Goff_iHEartRadio_Clear_Channel_Internet_Radio_Automotive_Infotainment

 Up until the advent of streaming audio, the terrestrial radio has been a principle source of entertainment in car for more than seven decades. However, today,  car radio is no longer alone in the dash, but a part of an overall information and entertainment platform. With the ubiquitous availability of …

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Now connected cars could help save lives on the road!


Wouldn’t you want an alarm to go off if you fall asleep driving? Research has shown that fatigued and drowsy drivers suffer from increased reaction times. While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) study concluded that adequate sleep and proper education on the dangers of drowsy driving are the …

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