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Elektrobit on creating ‘user centred’ HMIs for automotive infotainment systems


“For a car maker it is important to avoid fragmentation within his own HMI development so that it is possible for him to build brand variants, regional variants, high-end and entry variants and to facilitate evolution of the HMIs.” – Christian Reinhard, Director(HMI), Elektrobit Automotive GmbH If you go and …

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Progressive Insurance on OEM-based UBI models and the roadmap ahead


“The opportunities to advance UBI may reside in the use of smart technology, like mobile and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) telematics.”- Dave Pratt, General Manager(UBI), Progressive Insurance For years now, industry experts have debated whether or not UBI models would take off, and essentially re-orient the motor insurance industry. Various insurance carriers across the globe …

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World Wide Web Consortium(W3C) on transforming the automotive experience with HTML5


“HTML5 applications are created, maintained and executed in a modular way are not inextricably tied to a monolithic stack. In addition, the dynamic nature of HTML5 allows the same apps to change their looks and HMI for different car lines and manufactures.”- Paul Boyes (OpenCar) “The in-car apps are like …

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Octo Telematics on the ‘willingness’ factor for Insurance Telematics


The motor insurance industry is on the brink of an intense change that will effectively manage claim costs, enhance pricing style, improve profitability, and differentiate policyholder products and services. Additionally there is an opportunity to improve the driving style and reduce accident frequency and severity. But the success of such …

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iHeartradio on the future of Internet radio and automotive integration

Ryan Goff_iHEartRadio_Clear_Channel_Internet_Radio_Automotive_Infotainment

 Up until the advent of streaming audio, the terrestrial radio has been a principle source of entertainment in car for more than seven decades. However, today,  car radio is no longer alone in the dash, but a part of an overall information and entertainment platform. With the ubiquitous availability of …

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Get the ball of ‘Big Data’ rolling with Connected Cars

Hillol Kargupta

Cars are emanating humongous amount of information, gathering data about the driver, the driving environment and the car itself, as well as any connected devices. The data, for sure, is overwhelming but at the same time the most precious commodity around which business models worth billions of dollars are evolving. Your car …

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Hailo’s cab-hailing app: more blackcabs than barmaids get winks


“Someone, somewhere gets a Hailo every two seconds.”- Rorie Devine, CTO, Hailo Up until the advent of smartphone-based cab-hailing apps, taxi drivers used to spend 30-50 % of their time with no-one on their backseat ; while passengers stand on a street corner looking for a cab and using Candy …

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ATG Risk Solutions on telematics data and its major beneficiaries

Chris Carver

“Commercial vehicle telematics is becoming the driving force in rating and pricing commercial auto insurance policies.”- Chris Carver, President, ATG Risk Solutions The beauty of any telematics solution lies in the fact as how the vehicle related data is retrieved, processed and stored. Undoubtedly, the data is overwhelming and if …

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Connected Cars: Fledging optimism for a collaborative transportation sector


Connected car has gained huge traction over the past couple of years, resulting in an entirely new ecosystem of players, huge investments and multi-billion dollar ventures. While it is still unclear as to where the industry will go or what hurdles it will have to overcome, the prize for innovation …

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Andy Gryc of CX3 Marketing shares his views on “HTML5 and Automotive Infotainment”

Andy Gryc_HTML5_Infotainment_

Status quo under fire: The current state of infotainment                There is a hell lot of things happening with in-car systems for entertainment and information. The market is so crowded with offerings, many of which are immature or not quite tangible, yet, the anticipated potential …

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