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QNX Software explains the synergy between automotive and consumer electronics industry

Tina Jeffrey_QNX_Software

For OEMs, the integration of applications and services in today’s infotainment systems is not a trivial undertaking. Tina Jeffrey, Automotive Product Marketing Manager | QNX Software Systems The automotive industry is building high-quality products so that they can stay current with rapidly moving consumer electronics. Since they need to manage the …

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Ford SYNC 911 Assist- A call for life


Published: January 17, 2015 | Dearborn,MI 911 Assist makes a direct call to 9-1-1 in the event of an airbag deployment or fuel pump shut off and provides GPS location information via SYNC’s voice and open line communication between the operator and the vehicle occupants. David Hatton, Global Product Leader-Connected …

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BATTELLE: Connected interfaces to improve safety and reliability of connected vehicles

battele anuja

Modern cars are computers on wheels and are increasingly connected and controlled by software. Dependence on technology in vehicles has grown faster than effective means to secure it. Security researchers have demonstrated vulnerability to accidents and adversaries over more than a decade.  Therefore, hacking a connected car is not a …

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Strategy Analytics on “Protecting the consumer interest with connected cars”


Today’s car has the computing power of more than 20 personal computers, features about 100 million lines of programming code, and processes up to 25 gigabytes of data an hour. Yet while automotive digital technology has traditionally focused on optimizing the vehicle’s internal functions, attention is now turning to developing the …

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Intel on connected car within the semiconductor industry


“Consumers yearn for an automotive experience that is as personalized, intuitive and connected as their smartphone and are willing to pay for functionality and features touching on two key desires: safety and convenience.”                                                                                            Joel Hoffman, Automotive Strategist, Intel Intel has had a long presence in the connected car space. …

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reQall’s CEO on ‘reqallable in-car to help reduce distracted driving’


“reqallable InCar makes use of smart phones in the car safer than current practices of people who use their phones to read emails and text while driving.” – Rao Machiraju, Co-founder and CEO, reQall reQall has recently introduced its reqallable InCar (beta), the first context-aware app to intuitively decrease phone-related …

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Texas A&M Transportation Institute on ‘Autonomous Driving and Connected Transportation’

Mohammad Poorsartep

“Unfortunately, most of the prototypes are designed to operate only in pre-defined locations and under certain conditions. A truly “driverless” car that is capable of operating on public road, I believe, is at least 10- to 15 years away if not more.”                                           …

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Telenor Connexion explains the role of Embedded SIM for Connected Cars

Andrea Sroczynski-Telenor-Embedded-SIM-Telematics

“The embedded SIM (eUICC) can enable flexibility for the OEM to change operator remotely over the life time of the car. This can also be used for  regulatory reasons where there might be restrictions to use roaming SIM cards.”         Andrea Sroczynski, Head of Global Automotive Sales, Telenor …

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The Linux Foundation explains the benefits of open-source collaboration with Automotive Grade Linux

Jim Zemlin_Linux-Foundatio-AGL-Tizen-IVIn

“The aim of Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) is to create a common platform that any OEM or Tier-1 supplier can use as a starting point for innovating on top of rather than every OEM building a Linux automotive stack from scratch.”                                             Jim Zemlin, Executive Director, The Linux Foundation The …

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