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Nuance Communications: The connected car of tomorrow would be your personal assistant


In the age of smartphones and the ‘Internet of Everything,’ we expect a seamless experience as we move from place to place; easily able to pick up what we were doing in one location once we enter the car – from listening to our favorite music to posting to social …

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NNG is redefining on-board navigation beyond bare dots on maps


With the dawn of connected vehicles the on-board navigation systems have gone well beyond bare bones maps that once used to tell you only how to get from point A to point B. With the help of transportation technology and telematics improvements, startups and automakers have been able to significantly …

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BearingPoint explains the “next wave of maturity” of connected car market in Europe


Telematics Wire recently got chance to interact with BearingPoint’s Sarah-Jayne Williams to discuss connected cars market in EU. Sarah-Jayne Williams is an Automotive Partner at BearingPoint UK and leads the Digital and Customer Management practice. She has worked with both OEMs and Automotive Leasing Providers to design and deliver digital …

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HERE explains the roadmap for “humanized” driving on top of connected navigation


By analyzing speed probe data from non-automated cars already on the road, patterns start to emerge that show how humans drive in a particular area, for example when they are exiting a major highway. This data can then inform your driverless vehicle how to conduct itself. We call this HERE …

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HP explains the convergence of “new style of IT” and connected vehicles


The cloud – in most cases a very controlled, secure private cloud – will be the technical backbone where data from the car is collected and updates to the car are provisioned. In my opinion the main challenge is not a technical one, it is the introduction of suitable processes …

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Airbiquity: Connected Cars of tomorrow would be “contextually intelligent”


Industry has a good line-of-sight on what connected car is today, which is centered on well-defined use cases like Vehicle Connectivity, Safety & Security, Infotainment Delivery, Electric Vehicle, and Fleet Management.The next phase will be what Airbiquity calls “Context Intelligent,” which is the delivery of driving centric services powered by …

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Intelematics: The future of automotive telematics in Australasia


Given the average age of Australian vehicles is around 10 years, aftermarket telematics devices  are an important part of the connected vehicle environment for many years to come. Adam Game, CEO | Intelematics Australia Telematics Wire interviewed Adam Game, CEO of Intelematics Australia,  leading telematics service provider in ANZ region …

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QNX Software explains the synergy between automotive and consumer electronics industry

Tina Jeffrey_QNX_Software

For OEMs, the integration of applications and services in today’s infotainment systems is not a trivial undertaking. Tina Jeffrey, Automotive Product Marketing Manager | QNX Software Systems The automotive industry is building high-quality products so that they can stay current with rapidly moving consumer electronics. Since they need to manage the …

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Ford SYNC 911 Assist- A call for life


Published: January 17, 2015 | Dearborn,MI 911 Assist makes a direct call to 9-1-1 in the event of an airbag deployment or fuel pump shut off and provides GPS location information via SYNC’s voice and open line communication between the operator and the vehicle occupants. David Hatton, Global Product Leader-Connected …

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BATTELLE: Connected interfaces to improve safety and reliability of connected vehicles

battele anuja

Modern cars are computers on wheels and are increasingly connected and controlled by software. Dependence on technology in vehicles has grown faster than effective means to secure it. Security researchers have demonstrated vulnerability to accidents and adversaries over more than a decade.  Therefore, hacking a connected car is not a …

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