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Connected Vehicle Growth in India – Opportunities & Challenges

Mr Gupta has than 22 years of experience in Connected Car and Connected Devices, Embedded software, Automotive Infotainment, Telematics, GIS, Energy, and Telecom domain. The experience includes a wider range of execution of successful projects, right for concept development, market study, requirements management, design, development, and end to end rollout. This experience also include Practice development and expansion across new technology trends. 

Handling an ADM portfolio that is supporting business critical systems and applications gives an important dimension to professional career. I had an opportunity to handle a large ADM portfolio covering applications across as Business Support Systems, Operation Support Systems, Service activation, assurance, Network assurance and analytics and dimensions of eToM model.

Author: ANIL GUPTA, Technology Consultant for BigData, Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Internet of Thing Thinker, Writer Automobile sector has been observing rapid growth over past decade & half. Today we see close to 200 million on vehicles on the road. Last year( FY 15-16), the vehicle sales was 20.47m, out …

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Regional demonstrations can prompt self-driving trucks to work with other robotic vehicles


BY MATT PEAK  Earlier last month, a self-driving truck made a 35-mile trek on U.S. Route 33 in Ohio. Two weeks before that, the same truck drove roughly 120 miles on Interstate 25 in Colorado with a trailer full of Budweiser beer in tow. These journeys come on the heels of other …

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Collaboration is a key strategy for automotive telematics ecosystem

Patrick Qian, Quectel

Author: Patrick Qian, CEO, Quectel Wireless Solutions Vehicles have evolved from mere transportation mediums to advanced mobile connectivity platforms. The evolution of automotive telematics have undergone from mere hands-free calling to screen based and portable navigation, satellite radio etc. Now we have been experiencing vehicle connectivity which is more comprehensive. …

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ECU Convergence: How it will change the shape of the automotive telematics and infotainment ecosystem


Author: Andrew Hart, SBD Traditionally, the automotive industry has introduced an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for each major new function. This means that separate functions such as the head-up display, infotainment system, instrument cluster or driver assistance require a distinct processor each. As a consequence, most modern cars will contain …

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Automotive Telematics in India: Evolving an Organic Ecosystem


Author: Vadiraj Katti, Founder & Managing Director, iTriangle Infotech Pvt Ltd From the dawn of human civilisation, mankind’s predominant pursuit has been for connectivity. While the dream for physical connectivity dominated for thousands of years, the electromagnetism (EM) based connect is a much more recent pursuit. Today we have extensively …

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Automotive Telematics Ecosystem: An open system approach

Ranjit Abhyankar

Author: Ranjit Abhyankar, Delphi, India Technical Center In the next few years, with advancement of connected systems (embedded units, mobile based and V2X), it will become increasingly important to develop open systems to harness the full potential of connectivity.Open system architecture will define the interface layer specifications enabling multiple ecosystem …

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Automotive Telematics Ecosystem

Author: Bhuvan Anandakrishnan, Caterpillar India Telematics has grown in the last several years resulting in touching almost every industry that we know of. A technology of this magnitude goes through rapid evolution and thereby resulting in rapid changes to its ecosystem. Putting together such an ecosystem for the automotive industry …

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Transforming Ecosystem of Telematics


Author: Markus Pfefferer, Managing Director Asia Pacific, Ducker Worldwide Imagine yourself a couple of years in the future….you are driving yourself home, only you are not really, driving-you are steering a car that is automatic, and mostly driving itself. The gear shift is automatic, the speed is set to a …

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Navigating through the Telematics Ecosystem Quagmire


Author: Sirish Batchu, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. It has been exactly a year since my last interview on the Connected Vehicles in “Smart Automotive” in Sept’2015 where I had spoken about the challenges towards the mass adoption of the connected vehicles solutions and also my personal view on the subject …

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OEM connected car solutions: questions of creation and monetization


Author: Alexander Dimchenko, Managing Director, Bright Box Today the connected car is becoming a commodity. Through surveys of drivers, and competitive intelligence, auto manufacturers have realized that their market rivals have already achieved some success in this field, and consumers now require connected car solutions. And the main question for …

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