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AIPS on predictive models for UBI data:All Roads Do NOT Lead to Rome


“Most insurance carriers don’t know exactly what data builds the best UBI predictive models, and focusing on the wrong data can create misrepresentations of driving behavior and lead to false positives. Unfortunately, you won’t know that you have the wrong data until some years later when you find out that …

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Open Source popping up the car tech with Automotive Grade Linux


Car tech has suddenly increased and exploding with lots of products and solutions; Apple and Google are getting in on a game that Microsoft was dominating for quite sometimes: ‘infotainment systems’. Now, there is another player on the blocks – Automotive Grade Linux (AGL). AGL is the industry’s first fully …

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Are cars vulnerable to hacking? Chinese University Team proves it right!


“While cars have grown more comprehensive and smart, therefore a lot of denounce can be done with a smart car” Recently there was a piece of news that “the auto industry is marshaling resources to develop ways to defend cars and trucks from cyber attacks.” Although there are no known …

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No more zzzzz while driving: Your ’embedded’ car seat will alert you before you doze off


“Wake up you lazy brat, it’s no time to sleep”- Your car’s seat It is quite often for a driver travelling late at night to feel dizzy and trying to doze off. But falling asleep at the wheel is extremely dangerous both for the driver, and for others sharing the …

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The ‘smart’ city of Grenoble: Toyota’s new move in the realm of mobility


“Ha:mo (Harmonious Mobility) -an innovative 100% electric last-mile car-sharing scheme in the city of Grenoble in France”  The current social trends and consumer behaviours make it clear that sustainable mobility is here to stay. The only question is how fast this market will develop and what opp0rtunities it will bring …

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Trends and Innovations shaping ‘connected cars’


The revolution has set the stage to the extent that the manufacturers are not thinking about “Why a Connected Car?” but to “How Do We Deliver a Connected Car?” Innovations and changes are inevitable part of auto industry. Technology adaptation can be in the department of safety, usefulness, entertainment or …

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MirrorLink joins Telematics India 2014 as ‘Technology Partner’


MirrorLink has officially confirmed their participation as ‘Technology Partner’ for the forthcoming Telematics India 2014-4th national conference cum exhibition on automotive telematics. The conference is scheduled to be held at The WestIn Pune Koregaon Park, India on 20-21 August, 2014.  The car infotainment systems are becoming mainstream and the developments …

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The first-ever Turkey’s Smart Car Platform revealed for Volvo and Subaru


Published: July 15, 2014 The value-added services associated with connected cars are getting popular amongst users and the tech-titans across the globe are investing a huge chunk of money in it, hoping for the best. However, we have always seen some regional differences in terms of the demands arising from …

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I2I Connectivity:The Key to UBI Success

Dave Huber_Kairos_UBI_Article

Usage-based insurance, and more generally Insurance Telematics, have been shouldered with tremendous expectations.  Most of those expectations have thus far fallen short of the hyped promises to disrupt private passenger auto insurance, bring lower rates and personalized pricing to many drivers, and encourage safer driving behaviors.  Never has a technology …

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Smartphone in Cars: “Engaging, Potent and Distracting!!!”

smartphone usage in cars change

“National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), United States has found that the increased use of portable devices like smartphones has led to an increase in crashes and fatalities.” One of the greatest features of a modern smartphone is the ability to completely replace your car GPS and infotainment system. There are …

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