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Future Cars: All about Internet and Infotainment

in-dash infotainment

“Why are car manufacturer pushing for Internet connectivity and advanced In-vehicle infotainment in their cars? It’s not just another ‘value-added feature’ in the car. It is all about congregation of ever-rising and changing consumer demands and keeping up the pace with the rapid development cycles in the consumer electronics and …

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Ixonos explains the “Hybrid approach for creating in-car infotainment solutions”


“What I see is a clear need for just a few in-car applications, which would serve many use cases and provide information from many sources through one HMI. Trends and services come and go and these ‘in-car application platforms’ must be ready to adapt and integrate new information and functions …

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The Floow explains the status of Insurance Telematics in UK


  “We believe that each of the methods of collecting data has its own place in the market and have designed our systems to accept data from fitted boxes, OBD devices or smartphones and provide a simple scoring mechanism back to both insurers and the customer. “ – Andy Goldby, Chief …

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Audi demystifies the potential of ‘Swarm Intelligence’ in the automotive niche

Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Board Member(Technical)

Published: October 02, 2014 | Hanover At the CarIT Congress in Hanover, top-notch speakers and participants lecture and discussed one of the industry’s most important subject areas “Connected Cars”. Audi’s senior board level executive Dr. (Prof) Ulrich Hackenberg explains the future of cars during his keynote, namely, Car-to-World – the …

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“The God’s Chauffeur” explains the importance of telematics in driver behaviour education


     Telematics – a silent life saver? It happened just over 3 years ago. A light-bulb moment and certainly an industry game changer for me. It was something that had an unprecedented effect on my thought processes and how I was able to bring my expertise and experience to ensure …

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World Premiere: Daimler ‘Self-Driving Truck’ could hit the roads in next 10 years


Published: September 23, 2014 | Germany  Daimler AG has unveiled the concept of its self-driving truck ‘Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025’ at the 2014 International Commercial Vehicle Show(IAA) that is capable operating without assistance from drivers on highways. This truck is equipped with radar sensors and camera technology is built on Highway Pilot system …

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ORBCOMM on deploying an M2M solution for telematics industry-Satellite OR Cellular

Craig Montgomery_ORBCOMM_Telematics_M2M_Satellite

“While there will always be different providers of communications services, in order for M2M to become more ubiquitous, more convergence of platforms will be required. Moore’s Law will do its job in terms of advancing technology and lowering costs, but creating an “Internet of Things” will require more standardization.”                                                      …

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JustPark: A secured app for parking cars!


Few areas of modern life are as untouched by technology as parking, with figures showing that the average driver is wasting 106 days of their life searching for a parking space. Finding a parking space and that too in UK…people become Sick of driving around in circles trying to find …

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GPS and other IT activities in Delhi Transport Corporation


It has always been better to look towards technology for solutions. Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) is also not behind in implementing IT solutions in its city transport buses. During the past few decades the country has experienced an ever increasing rate of globalisation. This situation requires constant innovation and a …

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Tesla to hire hackers to enhance vehicle security


“Modern cars have emerged as a system on wheels and are effectively controlled by software’s and systems. Dependence on technology in vehicles has grown faster than effective means to secure it. Security researchers have demonstrated vulnerability to accidents and antagonist over more than a decade.” Are cars vulnerable to hacking? …

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