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UK Autodrive: Driving the future OR Driving into the future


Published: March 16, 2015, India The UK government has given official approval to the use of driverless cars. Soon the prototypes of such cars would be seen on the roads of four British cities namely-Greenwich, Coventry, Bristol and Milton Keynes. The UK’s regulatory environment now sets it apart as a …

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A for Apple, B for Boasting, C for Car ( Excuse the pun!)


Published: March 09, 2015 | New Delhi, India Mobile phone and computer giant Apple is all set to debut in the automotive market with a new concept electric vehicle, if sources are to be believed. The Cupertino, CA-based $750 billion enterprise is planning to achieve the target of $1 trillion …

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NAVX on “Monetizing the in-car content-A focus on quality and global coverage”


For a content aggregator willing to cover all automotive segments (low cost, middle range, premium), it is important to be present on all solutions. It requires however to be creative in terms of business models and relationship with car makers. Jean Cherbonnier, CEO & co-founder | NAVX NAVX is a cloud-based …

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US Senator’s exclusive report “Tracking & Hacking” focused on Connected Cars security


Published: February 10, 2015 | Washington DC “Drivers have come to rely on these new technologies, but unfortunately the automakers haven’t done their part to protect us from cyber-attacks or privacy invasions. We need to work with the industry and cyber-security experts to establish clear rules of the road to ensure …

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How connected car OBD-II dongles can be prevented from being hacked?


Published: February 02, 2015 | Vancouver, Canada With all the recent buzz around the connected car, security experts have demonstrated the potential risks  of unauthorized and even malevolent hacking of OBD connected car devices. These stories speak of being able to snoop into user’s driving habits and even go so …

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miRoamer on the opportunities and challenges of Internet Radio for the connected car


With outdated hardware and operating systems, many late-model vehicles simply cannot cope with the demands of streaming media (including Internet radio). Small buffer sizes, inadequate processing power, unsupported codecs; these all create problems with quality of service and useability. George Parthimos, CEO | miRoamer The connected car market is really …

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Connected cars advancing the need for automotive applications

Safe Driving Tips For Young Drivers

The Facts 660,000 drivers in the U.S. are using cellphones or other devices at any given moment during daylight hours. In 2012, more than 3,328 people were killed on the road, and 421,000 were injured in crashes involving a distracted driver. NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Assn.) At any given …

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Cisco explains the Internet of Cars: The next revolution in personal transportation


Published: January 17, 2015  | Detroit, MI “According to Cisco, connecting vehicles on a unified communications network platform can help abate many of the personal and societal costs and create a yearly savings of more than $1,400 per each vehicle.” Andreas Mai, Director-Connected Vehicles | CISCO Every year, eight million …

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Smartwatch for Drivers: The Future of Road Safety


In the last couple of years, numerous smart watches have been on the market giving us the basic features of the smartphone without completely throwing away our handset for good. It has caught our attention with its portable and lightweight features that gives us functionality beyond timekeeping such as notification centers, easy searches …

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Ford Sync 3: From Microsoft to QNX and the change is noticeable


Published: December 16, 2014 It’s clear that people aren’t going to give up connectivity just because they’re driving. To look upon the connectivity reasons and providing users with the ability to stay connected while driving, Ford has released its Sync infotainment system. Getting connected and getting mobile is nowadays in …

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