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Sygic: The future of telematics is open

sygic martin

The effect of the digitalization on the logistics and mobility market has always been very important. As today’s technology advances faster than ever before, the ability to select and adopt a proper telematics solution for your fleet is going to become the biggest challenge in the years to come. We …

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Capgemini: “Connected” vehicle as a node on the network

Nick Gill | CapgeminiNick Gill | Capgemini

Indian Customers are willing to share the vehicle data provided they are getting services in exchange. Nick Gill, Chairman of Global Automotive Sector | Capgemini Today Indian consumers expect connectivity services in their vehicles more than ever before. OEMs see them as an opportunity to create value; others are interested …

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Connected Cars: Enabling new paradigm shifts in the Automotive Industry


Why everyone needs to think bigger? The basic enabler for the Connected Car is mobile network coverage. Without connectivity or with robust connectivity limited to cities the usefulness of the services a Connected Car can provide is limited. Equally important are standards and regulations for safety critical features like eCall …

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Leidos on fitting connected vehicles into the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape


The successful implementation of a nationwide connected vehicle network will need to be, to a large degree, governed by a variety of stakeholders, especially as the deployment grows to include infrastructure owners and operators. Greg Krueger, Connected Vehicle Program Director | Leidos “This is not your father’s Oldsmobile” was an …

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Apio Systems on using smartphones in a Situational Awareness Platform

Sascha Simon_Apio_System

We do not need to wait many years for the safety benefits of autonomous driving to become available. One of the ways we can turbo charge the advent of the connected and self-driving car dramatically, is by turning the sensor-laden smartphones and tablets that drivers already have into a Situational …

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San Francisco start-up on smartphone-based telematics models


Can phones make us better drivers?   The World Health Organization estimates that there are 1.24 million road traffic deaths every year. Put another way, someone’s dying in a traffic accident every 25 seconds. And with a growing percentage of those accidents caused by driver distraction due to cell phone …

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From searching your favorite navigation route to recording in-vehicle infotainment preferences, cars have become mobile data centers on wheels. Therefore, besides the “connected car,” the ringing bell locution driving today’s automotive industry is “Big Data.” What is this Big Data? How useful it is in today’s world? The Answer can …

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UK Autodrive: Driving the future OR Driving into the future


Published: March 16, 2015, India The UK government has given official approval to the use of driverless cars. Soon the prototypes of such cars would be seen on the roads of four British cities namely-Greenwich, Coventry, Bristol and Milton Keynes. The UK’s regulatory environment now sets it apart as a …

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A for Apple, B for Boasting, C for Car ( Excuse the pun!)


Published: March 09, 2015 | New Delhi, India Mobile phone and computer giant Apple is all set to debut in the automotive market with a new concept electric vehicle, if sources are to be believed. The Cupertino, CA-based $750 billion enterprise is planning to achieve the target of $1 trillion …

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