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Connected cars will ultimately converge under a unified IOT ecosystem


Telematics Wire got the chance to interview Mr. Jacob (Coby) Hasson, EVP, Head of Global Sales at Scope Technology, He leads the planning and execution of strategies to grow sales and revenues of the company.  Jacob is responsible for managing the Sales and Business Development teams, creating a culture of …

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Connected cars or supercomputers on wheels?


The global automotive industry has been witnessing a transformation over the last decade with digital communication technologies making rapid inroads in vehicles. While it is no news that data is the new oil, automakers and others want in on the data-for-dollars boom, thanks to the emergence of increasingly capable and …

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The Birth of “Otto”

connected vehicle-telematicswire

Vocal Control and response will be the bridge between high end telematics, self driving and connected cars. This technology will be the break through and adoption accelerator for the self-driving car.  With a voice system, the driver will feel more at ease with allowing the automobile to take control of …

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Merging two key trends in personal transportation in India: “Transportation as a service” and “user based insurance”


Have you ever wondered, when your driver took your car to pick up your children from school and something unfortunate happens, what will be covered by your vehicle insurance? When you rest a car from a self-driving car rental company for your next vacation, are you able to get a …

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Smart Trails and Connected Cars


Piyush Rajan, Asst Editor, Telematics Wire spoke to Jitender Sandhu, M2M Director, ASEAN & India, Gemalto on future of connected devices, cybersecurity and more. Jitender is the Head of ASEAN and India for Gemalto’s Machine-to-Machine (M2M) segment. It is being predicted that in future out of all the connected devices …

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Cybersecurity – a gating issue for safety in a connected and automated vehicle future


Introduction Connected, partially and fully automated vehicles hold the potential to transform our lives, making real smart cities and ushering in undreamed-of efficiencies in the transport of people and goods by land and in the futures, air, and even space.  Where things go wrong, however, potential harms are much greater …

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Scott Frank: Proliferation of over-the-air (OTA) technology and solutions will further expand the automotive supplier ecosystem

Scott Frank-telematicswire

Telematics Wire got into conversation with Scott Frank, VP of Airbiquity. In the interview, Scott talks about over-the-air updates in automotive domain and related topics. TW: How is over-the-air (OTA) impacting the automotive ecosystem? Scott: Similar to connected vehicle infotainment deployments which have now become widespread, the introduction and eventual …

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Connected car technology is a necessary and complementary development for all self-driving cars in the future: Russell Ure


Klashwerks, an engineering design and technology company focused on the emerging connected car market launched its’s flagship product, Raven. Telematics Wire got into coversation with Russell Ure, CEO and Cofounder of the company. Russell talks about the new product Raven and some aspects of connected cars in the conversation. TW: …

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The secret life of connected car Industry in India


Mr. Sundar Pichai and Mr. Travis– two very renowned names in the industry- recently summarized the future of the connected cars and driverless cars in India very subtly.History speaks for itself and in this case, Mr. Pichai and Mr. Travis based their comments on the fact that India has always …

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