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Caruma collaborates with RapidSOS to integrate emergency response cloud infrastructure capabilities

Caruma Technologies and RapidSOS are collaborating to bring emergency response cloud infrastructure capabilities to Caruma Technologies’ AI-Powered Open Vehicle Network to ensure faster help from emergency responders after serious car crashes.


By integrating RapidSOS’s technology, Caruma can automatically transmit critical details in emergency situations like vision-augmented context, location, and vehicle information—providing 911 centers with lifesaving data to accelerate response times and improve situational awareness.

Caruma’s solution combines artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision with high-definition video and supplemental data collected by its windshield-mounted Caruma Cam device that automatically detects a crash.

With RapidSOS’s technology, Caruma’s system will have the ability to send critical details into the 911 system to provide situational context—such as a view of the driver and passengers, the driver’s contact data, vehicle location and overall condition—so emergency responders can better assess the situation. If the driver is unconscious, emergency contacts can call 911 on behalf of a loved one, transmitting location and rich data to 911 so help can arrive quickly.

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