CarSmartt partners with Archer Robotics and Aitheon Blockchain to develop Self Driving Cars fleet for delivering packages

CarSmartt, a startup company based on ride sharing concept, has entered in to an agreement with Archer Robotics, under which the companies have agreed to establish a project and implementation plan to provide an autonomous vehicle platform for CarSmartt, focused on Parcels delivery with driverless cars.

Together the companies will launch the Carsmartt ICO which will be completed in approximately 3 more months.This ICO will be sufficient to fund the Carsmartt application with Aitheon and implement an aggressive marketing program with its new CoinSmartt Token.

The alliance will allow Aitheon and CarSmartt to test and proceed with a packages delivery service that will use a fleet of blockchain-operated, driverless vehicles controlled by artificial intelligence. In the months ahead, the partnership will roll out domestically in Las Vegas, Nevada, followed by Miami, Florida.

Aitheon’s technology platform will power the driverless cars to arrive to the delivery location. Upon arrival, users will be notified via text with the location of the parked vehicle. When a user arrives at the vehicle to receive their package their identification will be verified, the car will unlock and they can retrieve their package.

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