CARMERA joins Renovo’s AWare ecosystem

CARMERA a real-time, street-level intelligence platform for automated vehicles, has joined the AWare ecosystem of Renovo, a mobility software technology company.

Automated Mobility as a Service (AMaaS) deployments built on AWare can now easily gain access to CARMERA’s high definition, 3D mapping solutions and participate in CARMERA’s vehicular sensor network.

CARMERA which crowdsources map data from a vehicle-based sensor network, with Renovo as a partner, it can now deliver mapping services to AWare-powered fleets while gathering updated map data at the same time.

At the same time, CARMERA’s machine vision and geospatial data pipelines offer Renovo’s growing number of AWare partners rich texture and insight that will prove critical to automated mobility deployments. The massive data generated by these vehicles hold significant value to a wide range of customers. Both Renovo and CARMERA are committed to unlocking this value in a secure and reliable manner

High-definition 3D mapping technology is vital to the success of any AMaaS deployment. CARMERA’s maps are continually updated, allowing automated vehicles to localize positions in the world with centimeter accuracy. The constant updating also powers intelligent path planning decisions ahead of time, optimizing for navigation efficiency, pedestrian safety and passenger experience.

Other members of AWare ecosystem are Samsung, Verizon, Velodyne LiDAR, Parsons, INRIX, and Argus Cyber Security.

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