California proposes conditions for companies to offer driverless rides to public

California’s new rules allowing companies to test fully driverless cars on its roads have come into effect from this month. But to operate as ride-hailing firms the companies will have to wait for the state to adopt a proposal issued by the California Public Utilities Commission.

As per media reports, CPUC has proposed some conditions which need to be followed by the companies to give rides to the public as part of a pilot program. The conditions are as follows:

  • Initially, only cars with backup drivers can take passengers.
  • The passengers must be 18 years and older.
  • The companies must provide the service for free.
  • Cars can’t do pick ups and drop offs at airports during the pilot.
  • The company taking part must regularly file reports reading the miles covered, rides completed and the number of disabled passengers served.

The companies will have to wait 90 days after getting permission to start driving passengers around. The CPUC will be discussing and voting on the proposals on May 10th.

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