BMW 2017 5 series sedan will be equipped with wireless CarPlay support

Published: 14 October 2016

BMW announced that its 5 series model of 2017 will feature a wireless CarPlay support. This will be a first for BMW and many cars in the segment. As per the reports in the latest BMW 5 series sedan, iPhones will be able to connect wirelessly with iDrive system, connecting to the car over Bluetooth instead of lightning cable.


Wireless CarPlay was introduced by Apple along with iOS 9 in 2015, but till now there has been no in-car infotainment system that supports the function completely. Volkswagen had earlier in the year, tried to introduce wireless CarPlay in its cars but after the refusal from Apple, this feature could not be included into the Volkswagen cars.

BMW has become the pioneer to introduce this technology in the 5 series sedan. The current CarPlay set up requires the user to connect an iPhone to the vehicle using a lightning cable that would be plugged to an USB port. This setup would be completely changed with the wireless CarPlay system. It would become more user friendly and offer a higher notch of sophistication to the luxury car.

The BMW 5series sedan with wireless CarPlay will be available for buyers from February 2017.


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