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BlackBerry working on security service that remotely scan vehicles for viruses

News agency Reuters has reported that BlackBerry Ltd is working with at least two automakers to develop a security service that would remotely scan vehicles for computer viruses and tell drivers to pull over if they were in critical danger.


Lately, we are witnessing in a spurt in the number of companies developing expertise in this field of Over The Air updates. Companies like Movimento, Link-motion and Airbiquity are moving aggressively with this technology and have been working closely with many OEMs.

The greatest benefit of this technology is that it can fix the security patches in an idle car and gives the OEMs advantage to match the pace at which things are changing in the automotive ecosystem, in terms of technology. It also saves the OEMs a significant amount of money that gets wasted due to recalls caused by security patches and other such vulnerabilities which develop over time.

BlackBerry had lost its dominance of the smartphone market to Apple Inc and others over the past decade and is trying to boost its revenue by focussing on automotive security which has become critical in recent times with the rise of this new concept of “Software Defined Cars”. Software Defined Cars (SDC) goes one step ahead of connected vehicles and offers the chance to upgrade a vehicle’s functionality via OTA updates, giving a vehicle the ability to continually adapt to the needs of drivers and fleet operators. It is expected that Software based solutions will transform operating and ownership models.

It is being reported that Blackberry can launch the service as early as next year. However, the company has not commented anything on the reports.

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