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Baidu to buy xPerception, aims boosting its driverless car efforts

Baidu Inc, the Chinese Google, has decided to buy xPerception, a U.S. company. It is being seen as a significant step in producing driverless cars as xPerception has been involved in developing visual perception software and hardware.

Baidu’s self-driving car

xPerception was started by two engineers from who worked earlier with U.S. augmented reality startup Magic Leap. It is being said that the company will house xPerception in its California-based research unit.

Lately, Baidu has been making efforts in the direction of driverless cars, virtual reality and developing Artificial intelligence and it aims to pose a serious challenge to Google.

 xPerception’s visual perception camera which has features like tracking technology, three-dimensional obstacle detection and object recognition will help Baidu greatly in its efforts to develop autonomous cars.

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