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Baidu attacked by hackers trying to steal its driverless car technology

It has been reported by Bloomberg that Baidu Inc. has been attacked a gang of “hackers-for-hire” who tried to steal its driverless car technology.

Baidu has not been able to figure out the entities that could be behind these hackers but the company has decided to bulk up its cybersecurity team.

baidu's self driving car
Baidu’s self-driving car

The company is helping a team of “white hat” student hackers at Tsinghua University. Baidu is even working with its rival firms Tencent and Alibaba to counter the shared cybersecurity threat.

As the companies are accelerating their efforts to develop these technologies and have raised their stakes, we may witness more such incidents in future. The recent tussle between Waymo and Uber over stealing of its Lidar technology and Tesla suing its ex-employee are other few examples of this new trend.

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