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Autonomous concept car smart vision EQ fortwo to be shown by Smart at Frankfurt Motor Show

Mercedes-Benz plans to introduce at least 10 new electric or electrified models by 2022. Mercedes-Benz is working on CASE corporate strategy, which includes connectivity (Connected), autonomous driving (Autonomous), flexible use (Shared & Services) and electric drive systems (Electric). The upcoming projects of the company will be focussed on the above-mentioned points.

This year in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany, Smart will show off the Vision EQ Fortwo concept, a fully autonomous vehicle focused on urban mobility and user customization.

smart vision EQ fortwo  smart vision EQ fortwo
smart vision EQ fortwo

Shared: The smart vision EQ fortwo is a new vision of car sharing. Currently, a car2go vehicle is hired somewhere in the world every 1.4 seconds and has over 2.6 million customers worldwide. The latest studies predict that the number of users of car sharing schemes worldwide will have quintupled by 2025 to 36.7 million.

Autonomous: The smart vision EQ fortwo concept vehicle demonstrates how autonomous driving could make future car sharing even more convenient, simple and economically efficient. Thanks to swarm intelligence and autonomous driving, the smart vision EQ fortwo heralds a new era in car sharing: users do not have to look for the next available car – it will find them and collect the passengers directly from their chosen location.

Connected: The smart vision EQ fortwo is summoned using a mobile device. New individualisation options help users to recognise that it is “their” vehicle: the Black Panel at the front as well as large projection surfaces at the sides allow the smart vision EQ fortwo to be personalised.

Electric: The smart vision EQ fortwo features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 30 kWh. When not in use, it makes its way independently to a charging station to load up with new energy. Alternatively, the cars can dock with the power grid inductively, feed in electricity and act as a “swarm battery”, taking pressure off the grid. smart is playing a key role here in shaping the energy revolution.

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