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Autonomous cars from GM’s Cruise Automation involved in six auto crashes

During the last month, autonomous cars from GM’s Cruise Automation were involved in 6 auto crashes while testing in California. However, none of these crashes were caused by the self-driving cars of the company. In all the cases the other vehicles were responsible, the company has given this information to the regulators in California as they require automakers to report every crash.

Autonomous cars from GM’s Cruise Automation involved in six auto crashes

These incidents point out the fact that although the self-driving cars may not cause these crashes this does not mean they can avoid crashes. The crashes are minor and have not resulted in any injury or anything but this very limitation can pose a great barrier for the wide-scale deployment of self-driving cars despite the boost from the Senate allowing more self-driving cars on road.

GM while working on self-driving cars reportedly has more than doubled the size of its test fleet of robot cars in California during the past three months, increasing the number of vehicles registered for testing on California streets from 30 to 100.

GM claims to have built the world’s first mass-producible autonomous car, also the statement by Deutsche Bank that it sees GM launching self-driving cars sooner than most expect has created a positive perception of the automaker, and the company at the moment appears to be among frontrunners in this race to develop autonomous cars. This is also getting reflected in its share value. However, it needs to be seen how things play out for the company as all the automakers and technology firms are pulling up their socks with 2021 approaching, the year most companies aim to launch their self-driving cars.

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