‘Autonomous’ cars can not do away with human supervision for now

If the disengagement report released by DMV California is seen as a parameter to decide on the readiness of the self driving vehicles to take on the road, it can be stated that autonomous vehicle are still not capable of driving on their own without human supervision. Most of the companies are looking year 2021 as the year autonomous driving becomes common, it will be interesting to see how these companies improve in the coming years. The figures which can help us understand where the companies stand now is as follows.DMV_Logo-Telematics_Wire

  • Ford reported three disengagements in 590 miles.
  • BMW reported one disengagement in 638 miles.
  • GM Cruise reported that its autonomous cars drove 10,014.94 miles and had 284 disengagements.
  • Mercedes-Benz reported 336 disengagements in 673 miles.
  • Nissan reported 28 disengagements in 4,099 miles.
  • Tesla 550 miles in self-driving mode, with 182 disengagements.
  • Bosch cars drove 980.8 miles and had 1,442 disengagements.
  • Delphi  cars drove 3,125 miles in self-driving mode and had 178 disengagements
  • Waymo’s driverless cars logged 635,868 miles on California’s roads in self-driving mode and disengagements were 124.
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