Autonomous cars by Volvo will be available for customers in five years

Published: 4 October 2016

Hakan Samuelson, the CEO of Volvo mentioned that the company is planning to release its autonomous cars for individual buyers in 5 years. This car will have a steering wheel and adding auto-pilot feature to the car will require another $10,000 to be added to the actual cost of the car.

Volvo V90

The CEO also said that the auto-pilot mode will allow the user to sit back and relax whereas, the steering wheel will allow him to use it as a conventional car whenever he wishes to do so. The car’s autopilot mode will be a complete autonomous feature, which can be used when the user wants to let go of the car’s controls and wants to relax.

This will not be a supervised version of auto-pilot as seen in some of the cars today, but will be a complete one. Samuelson believes that this added feature will give a more premium feel to the customer of the luxury car.

Samuelson said that the process of making this highly anticipated car has already begun and the company is planning to test the first models of the cars on the roads of Sweden in 2017 and on the public roads of London and China in 2018.

The CEO of Volvo also said that the company wants a car that does not only fulfill the transportation needs but also gives an emotional value to its customers. This will be a new venture for the autonomous car lovers, as all the autonomous cars in the market today are partially autonomous and require supervision of the driver at certain points. A complete autonomous car will be a huge benchmark in the genre.




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