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Australia to build a superhighway consisting of a network of free, fast-charging electric vehicle stations

According to some media reports, Australia is planning to build one of world’s longest Electric Vehicle Highways. The Australian government has decided to build a superhighway which would consist of a network of free, fast-charging stations for electric vehicles.


It will be 1,118-mile long and will be on the coast of the Australian state of Queensland, near the Great Barrier Reef. The charging stations will be powered by renewable energy purchased through green energy credits or offsets.

In the first phase, the stations will be installed in 18 towns and cities and will be extended to the southern and northern border in next six months. The 18 stations, which can recharge a vehicle in half an hour, will offer free power for at least one year, the reports say.

The charging stations being made available for use at no cost for the initial phase of the super highway is to encourage as many people as possible to start using them. The world’s longest EV highway is the massive Trans-Canada EV highway, which is about 4,850 miles in length.

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