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Australia: ABC Radio targets connected car audience with a new app

October 20th, 2016Image result

Abc Radio plans to reach new audiences with its new app which is ready for connected cars. It is now available on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The users can now listen to the podcasts and also other content from various stations like network RN, youth network triple j, local metro or regional stations, ABC Classic FM using their smartphones connected to the car’s infotainment system. Hourly basis news will also be available.

The popularity of connected car is expected to grow in the coming years from 2% to 8% and no company wants to lag behind in cashing in this opportunity .

“Today’s audiences expect connectivity in every sphere of their lives, including the car space,” said ABC Director of Radio, Michael Mason. “Around one third of Australian radio listening happens in the car, so by entering the connected car space we’re meeting audiences where they want to be found.”

ABC Radio will further be developing  its app in 2017 to bring users an even more personalised audio experience.


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