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AT&T expects to introduce mobile 5G service in a dozen markets by late 2018

AT&T has announced that it expects to introduce mobile 5G service in a dozen markets by late 2018. AT&T is the first U.S. company to make such an announcement. “The promise of mobile 5G is seemingly endless and we’re moving fast to make that promise a reality,” says the company in a press release.


Last month, 3GPP, the international wireless standards body, completed key elements of 5G new radio (NR) standards. With these specifications now available, hardware, chipset, and device manufacturers can start development. This allows the company to provide mobile 5G services sooner.

The rollout of 5G will have a huge impact on the automotive industry and will accelerate the development of connected and autonomous vehicles. The company also mentions that it expects future 5G technologies will eventually allow future driverless vehicles to make real-time decisions based on information that goes beyond the individual sensors onboard the vehicle itself. Vehicles will be able to “see” around corners, through other vehicles, and at longer distances. This will enable vehicles to quickly make sense of their environment and help guide safe operations on the road.


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