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Arity offers real-time accident prediction

Arity has introduced a suite of three new data products designed to help reduce the number of collisions and fatalities on the road. Arity is a technology company founded by The Allstate Corporation to make mobility safer, smarter, and more useful.

Called Risk Data Stream, Drive Shield Routing and Drive Shield Alerts, these new offerings from Arity help enable automotive OEMs, telematics service providers (TSPs), insurance providers and other vendors to predict risk of accidents – and boost safety. Users can harness these prediction tools to help improve accuracy and safety within their solutions, whether navigation and telematics applications, semi-autonomous vehicles, active safety systems, or fleet and infrastructure planning.

By closely analyzing millions of vehicle collision insurance claims and understanding the environmental conditions present in those collisions, Arity’s data scientists are offering real-time model of the probability and severity of vehicle collisions. The new model, called the Arity Risk Data Stream, is the brain behind these new solutions. It provides insight into where, when and how these collisions occur.

Arity offers real-time accident prediction

Risk Data Stream

Customers can send Arity a specific road, route or point on a map and, using the Risk Data Stream, Arity returns a rich data set that includes a real-time road risk score, historic accident statistics, and other information they can use in their own models. Risk scores are based on road characteristics, historic accidents, live traffic and weather.

Drive Shield Alerts

Drivers receive an alert when approaching high-risk areas where accidents are likely to occur. Drive Shield Alerts describe risks, estimated severity levels and ways to avoid them.

Drive Shield Routing

Once a driver is aware of upcoming risks, Drive Shield Routing offers a safer route alternative to current navigation systems. These new routes are based on real-time information and the risk score of each road segment along the way.

Arity combines nearly 30 billion miles of data and over 85 years of Allstate’s insurance experience to empower both the transportation industry and its customers.

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