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ARI analytics to be demonstrated at the 2012 NAFA I&E

USA: Fleet services provider company ARI, specializing in complex car and truck fleets, has announced that it will be demonstrating its breakthrough technology “ARI analytics” at the NAFA I&E. The company’s fleet management reporting package, ARI analytics, uses in-memory technology through the SAP HANA platform to analyze data 3600 times faster than any other reporting tool in the fleet industry today and has the capability to substantially broaden the scope of fleet reporting.

Steve Haindl, senior vice president and CIO at ARI, stated that “The demonstrations we’ll provide of ARI analyticsTM and other client systems utilizing our new in-memory technology will far exceed those we’ve done at prior NAFA Expos. We’re excited about this first opportunity to show to our clients this incredible technology and its unprecedented level of speed and strategy.”

Source: http://www.arifleet.com/about/news/ari_to_demonstrate_breakthrough_technology_at_the_2012_nafa_ie/

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