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Anker launches dash-mounted HUD- Roav with navigation and voice calling

Anker-the portable charger manufacturing company, is coming up with a dash-mounted HUD device called Roav. As per Anker’s Go Roav website, the device will feature navigation and call facilities.


The website doesn’t have much information about the device yet, but going by the company’s past trends, it is highly likely that the device will be compatible with smartphones and would function in accordance with them.

Roav is different from other previously launched navigation devices as it would have a transparent screen right in front of the driver on the dashboard instead of a smartphone mounted elsewhere. It is being speculated that Anker wants to compete and succeed with Navdy, a similar device funded and released two years back. How successful it will be remains to be seen yet.

The device will be available for pre orders from the month of November. The price however, has not been disclosed yet. This is marks the innovation in this type of technology. It will be interesting to see how Navdy responds to this competitive approach by Anker.

Meanwhile, Android Auto, compatibility for which can now be found in a number of cars, is also seeking to change the in-car navigation landscape, though it focuses more on voice commands to provide hands-free interaction.

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