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American Family Insurance partners with Automatic to provide insurance telematics

Automatic has announced a comprehensive partnership with American Family Insurance, using connected-car technology to help drivers stay safe and reduce their insurance costs.Automatic_Link_OBDII

Under the partnership, Automatic will provide its category-defining OBD-II adapters and mobile apps to new American Family Insurance policyholders who enroll in the company’s KnowYourDrive program. The program will start this month in Arizona and Indiana, and will be introduced in more states throughout the year.

American Family Insurance policyholders in the KnowYourDrive program will immediately have access to all of Automatic’s consumer features, including the ability to identify risky driving behaviors they can correct to help prevent future accidents. This data is collected by the adapter plugged into the vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBD) port and shared with the driver through the app.

American Family and Automatic are also jointly developing new integrations, such as roadside assistance and claims submission to be handled within Automatic’s app..

KnowYourDrive is a voluntary program, with participants receiving an introductory five percent discount on their insurance. That discount can grow to as much as 40 percent based on the policyholder’s driving data.

Key features of Automatic include:

  • Flexible, Sensor-Agnostic Platform: The same platform that made Automatic the ‘App store for your car’ in the consumer space gives Automatic enormous flexibility around both hardware and software choices when building experiences for the enterprise.
  • Secure Solution: In a Department of Homeland Security funded study, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found that Automatic had a product that their experts couldn’t hack, which was unique among telematics solutions providers.
  • Consumer Proven: Originally conceived of as a consumer product, product design and user experience are at the core of Automatics products. Insurance customers actually want to use Automatic, rather than merely tolerating it.

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