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AGL launches Expert Groups (EG) focused on Speech Recognition and Vehicle-to-Cloud (V2C) connectivity

Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) has launched two new Expert Groups (EG) focused on Speech Recognition and Vehicle-to-Cloud (V2C) connectivity.

The Speech EG led by Amazon Alexa, Nuance Communications, and Voicebox Technologies, will provide guidance for supporting technologies including natural language, grammar development tools, on-board vs cloud-based speech, and signal processing for noise reduction and echo cancellation.

The Vehicle-to-Cloud EG will explore the use cases such as telematics, personalization, authentication, and authorization. Led by ForgeRock, the V2C EG will be responsible for implementing the reference architecture and services such as IoT protocols for connecting the vehicle to the cloud, connected car features, over-the-air upgrades, remote vehicle interactions, identity management and location-based services.

“Our goal is to voice-enable every application in the vehicle, but the challenge today is that developers have to manually integrate with each automaker’s preferred speech recognition engine,” said Dan Cauchy, Executive Director of Automotive Grade Linux at The Linux Foundation. “We plan to provide a standard set of open APIs that allows developers to write their application only once, and it will work on any system from any automaker using AGL, regardless of the underlying speech recognition technology. We believe this is the first time such standardization is being implemented in the industry, and this will greatly reduce fragmentation and create an ecosystem of speech-enabled apps for the vehicle.”

It is known that Automotive Grade Linux is a collaborative open source project that is bringing together automakers, suppliers, and technology companies to accelerate the development and adoption of a fully open software stack for the connected car with Linux at its core.

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