Affectiva Automotive AI, a multi-modal in-cabin AI sensing solution

Affectiva, leader in Artificial Emotional Intelligence, has announced Affectiva Automotive AI, a multi-modal in-cabin AI sensing solution.

Affectiva Automotive AI identifies, in real time from face and voice, complex and nuanced emotional and cognitive states of a vehicle’s occupants, to deliver comprehensive people analytics.

This allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers to build advanced driver monitoring systems (DMS), as well as differentiated in-cabin experiences that span the autonomous vehicle continuum.

Affectiva’s solution also enables developers of automated driving systems to improve their technology for use in robo-taxis and other highly automated vehicles (HAV) in the emerging Automated Mobility sector.

Affectiva Automotive AI for Driver and Occupant Experience Monitoring

To date, AI has allowed self-driving systems to understand what’s happening outside of the car. But OEMs need to recognize the need to deploy in-cabin AI to improve road safety by identifying dangerous driving behavior.

Affectiva Automotive AI’s understanding of the in-cabin environment will shift to allow for the adaptation of the travel experience based on occupant moods and reactions.

Interfacing with a vehicle’s safety systems, Affectiva Automotive AI can identify complex driver impairment states caused by drowsiness, physical distraction or mental distraction from cognitive load or anger. This is significantly more advanced than current systems that rely on simplistic head pose and eye gaze measurements.

Affectiva Automotive AI for Automated Mobility

AI is enabling automation as ride hailing services continue to grow and automated mobility-as-a-service becomes a multi-billion dollar industry by 2025.

Affectiva Automotive AI is used in system design so developers can better create HAV for use in fleets, to understand passengers’ cognitive and emotional states as a feedback loop.

The first release of Affectiva Automotive AI enables the development of next-generation DMS and passenger experiences. It allows for in-cabin face and head tracking of all occupants simultaneously and supports multiple camera positions, as well as Near-Infrared and RGB cameras.

The solution measures in real time critical facial expressions and emotions such as joy, anger and surprise, as well as vocal expressions of anger, arousal and laughter. In addition, the solution provides key indicators of drowsiness such as yawning, eye closure and blink rates.

Affectiva Automotive AI runs on embedded and mobile devices. Affectiva is collaborating with leading OEMs, Tier 1s and technology providers to bring its Automotive AI solution to production vehicles.

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