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Aeris announces availability of its Aeris Mobility Platform (AMP)

Aeris has announced availability of its Aeris Mobility Platform (AMP), a state-of-the-art cloud and micro-services-based IoT platform. The company has developed AMP to meet the unique needs of enterprises and OEMs who are moving from unconnected products to connected services.

The platform has a full suite of pre-built business services, including data analytics and monetization. By leveraging AMP, enterprises and OEMs can deliver a cloud-agnostic and flexible, globally connected program with market-leading services and unparalleled time-to-market.

It also offers a full suite of connected vehicle services that include safety and security, remote vehicle, driver behavior, vehicle health, and other services, including firmware over-the-air update capabilities.

The architecture is built around micro-services, which enable a highly-customizable approach to each OEM’s specific requirements, giving them the ability to manage their program globally on a single platform while preserving the ability to deploy solutions that differ based on region, brand or model.

AMP offers three key advantages over legacy competitor approaches:

  • Service flexibility and velocity. AMP splits device and service-facing components, enabling the fast and flexible introduction of new services
  • Operational efficiency. AMP’s capsule architecture addresses a key requirement of every automotive OEM: regional flexibility. AMP allows deployment of a global program across a multitude of public and private clouds in a manner that maximizes operational efficiency while maintaining local flexibility and autonomy, while ensuring compliance with local regulations.
  • Customer experience. AMP addresses these issues head-on with a service delivery architecture that optimizes an end-to-end system from wireless connection to telematics applications, while simultaneously addressing key concerns around hardware power management.


AMP is also powering the MITSUBISHI CONNECT vehicle program, which debuted in the all-new 2018 Eclipse Cross CUV.

MITSUBISHI CONNECT offers key functionality in safety, security and remote vehicle services that can be accessed in multiple ways: inside the vehicle, through mobile application or through the Mitsubishi vehicle owners’ portal. Additionally, it can be paired with the Google Assistant on eligible Android phones, iPhones and Google Home.

Mitsubishi Motors selected Aeris due to latter’s ability to deliver a broad range of telematics services, including mobile applications, call center services and wireless connectivity.

MITSUBISHI CONNECT launched in the U.S. market in February and will be launching in Europe in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Aeris Japan, a joint venture between SoftBank Corporation and Aeris, provided in-country sales, marketing and technical resources to drive the successful development and launch of the MITSUBISHI CONNECT program.

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