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ABAX continuing its expansion streak enters Germany

The Norwegian telematics company ABAX has announced that it is to continue its expansion streak as the company enters Germany and opens office in Berlin.

With 3.2 million commercial vehicles are Germany for ABAX is one of the most attractive automotive markets in the world. With a market penetration rate of moderate 15 percent it still remains a significantly young and untapped market when it comes to aftermarket telematics solutions. For ABAX it’s a great opportunity to further strengthen its market position in Europe and thereby its portfolio of more than 200 000 subscriptions.

ABAX continuing its expansion streak enters Germany

The solutions provider has experienced significant growth rates above 30 percent in the last five consecutive years. In June 2017, ABAX was acquired by the investment bank Investcorp for 1.8 billion NOK. Germany will be the first new market after the acquisition, with the office being located in Berlin.

ABAX has informed that all three main products will be relevant for the German market. The product ABAX Triplog functions as a datahub for todays as well as the future connected car-solutions. One of today’s solutions is the electronic triplog and mileage claim system. The second product is the ABAX Equipment Control which keeps track and secure relocations of your equipment and assets. The third product, ABAX Worker is a digital project management tool that helps the business streamline the flow of information and status on its projects.


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