A driverless shuttle got involved in a minor crash while testing in Las Vegas

A driverless shuttle while testing in Las Vegas got involved in a crash within a few hours of its first day on the job, according to some media reports. However, the driverless shuttle was not at fault and the crash was caused by a delivery truck that reversed into it. The shuttle had stopped noticing the truck backing up but the truck did not stop and went on to hit the shuttle and there was a minor accident.


The Las Vegas pilot is being carried out as a result of a collaboration between the city, the American Automobile Association, French transport group Keolis and autonomous car group Navya. The shuttle designed to communicate with smart traffic lights to help manage traffic was providing free trips and there were passengers present in it during the crash, however, no one was injured as it was a minor crash.

There is a lot of debate going on about allowing driverless cars on the roads, RAND Research has recently presented a case where it argued that early launching of even not so perfect autonomous cars also can save many lives as they are still better drivers than humans. It needs to be thought upon that although driverless cars do not cause accidents they do get involved in them due to human drivers in other vehicles, so when and how these cars can be launched.

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